27 October, 2010

La Bicicleta de los Muertos

This was in ARTCRANK San Francisco, I love it. There's limited amount left, so you better swoop.

Swoop here

I Love my Bike Book T-shirts

I hope you pre-ordered your book. Now you should pre-order the Shirt!

Get it from Print Brigade! Only 50 made.

Chain Gang?

I found your perfect matches.

Chain Gang Girls

Colt, I found you a saddle.

Please get this. Your own Brooks Saddle.

Colt, buy it here.


Death to fixies

Does anyone know what or where this shirt is or from. I want it. I hate the word fixie. I ride a track bike. I really need to get that Tattoo covered. Ha!

Spotted at Milano fixed

Cadence Bar Tape

I must have this bar tape.


Until this comes out you can get Cadence Water Bottles and other Goodies at O20... Get em while they last!


Saw this on Prolly, thought I would share. Pretty rad idea, and I love the D.I.Y. aspect of the whole thing. Making it yourself, then going on missions to steal some air! I want to build the Automatic bike pump. Fuck cars, give me air. Check out all the other rad projects on Instructables Pretty cool shit.