04 October, 2010

TNP Clips

While this has a very funny name, it's an amazing product for night riding. It's a very, very, highly, highly, reflective two sided clip.
Bright as shit when light hits it. Double sided, with a very strong magnet, which allows the TNP to basically clip on to anything.
StrykerLA is the only supplier in the states of this amazing product.

Here a link to photos and video of the TNP in use.


Help send Derek to the NACCCS, to represent for LA! Come race or watch, just remember to donate some cash, so we get one of DTLA's Finest to the NACCCS!

Here's the Deets on the race...

Group Criterium) - Road and Fixed Together

"6th St./4th St. Bridge Loop"
Meet in the center of the 6th St. Bridge @ 8:00pm
Racing will begin @ 9:00pm
Number of laps will be announced on race night!

FB event page


This Thursday, we here at TOLA! and with our homie TEAMS are opening a New night at the Hyperion Tavern. While this is a temporary night on Thursdays for the month of October, if we get enough people to come and support. (Buy Beers!!!) We will be getting a permanent night, after this one month run is over. So we need you! Yes you. As Teams would say "Come listen to sick Dj's, drink beer and do some hood rat shit with your friends". Every week, will be a rotating line up of LA's best underground DJ's. We'll have guest stars from other cities, MC's, and Superstar Dj's coming through as well. It's gonna be an amazing night, and I'm fucking excited.


Be there.

Ps. I'll be coming out of Dj retirement for next weeks show...

The Dropout: Issue 5

I got this by way of Vegas. A great lil Magazine. Well written, great articles and awesome insight into our corner of the world. It comes out of Austin, Tx. Check out back issues online here, and be sure to read their blog, while you're there. I think is great, I had dreams of starting a Magazine about a year ago, total zine style. Bring back the old school. After reading this, I just might...

Keo Rock!

KEO for DVS from cadence studios on Vimeo.

Still killing it. Smooth...