30 June, 2011

Cole goes APE S#*T!

Lil Homie from RYD. Big ups LA!

Le Tour: 2011

Yes! Where we watching this bitch?

Iggy's Last day as a Messenger

It's our good friend Iggy's last day as a Messenger today. He is moving to full time at 020.
We just wanna say Congrats and Good luck! If you see him in DTLA today, get him a beer!

Two Rabbits Studios: 4th of July Sale, BBQ and Group Ride

Two Rabbits are hosting a Sale/ BBQ/ Party at their studios this Saturday.

There will be Art for sale, Beer, Giveaways, Food, Bands, Art for Sale, and nothing but good vibes.

We will be hosting a group ride to the studio from Echo Park Lake.
Meet at 12pm at the Lady of the lake statue, rolling when we want too.
The Spoke Cards pictured will be given out at the ride.

The Brown bag is for street drinking in style, those will be for sale at the Studio.

The Two Rabbits support a lot of Cycling events and now it is our turn to support them.


*If you repost on FB or help promote on your own blogs/ websites, I heard there will be
something special for those who get the word out.

Email tworabbitsstudios@gmail.com and send them links to how you promoted for them.

**If enough heads show, we'll do sprints down the block for beers and cash.


The homies trip over to Indonesia for Fixed Fest. I want to see more, but what a great edit.
Nice work Matt!

Tom LaMarche x John Watson

Saw this over at Prorry's Jam and just had to share.
Great photo by John of Tom busting a huge gap, whilst other FGFS OG's watch. Nice.

*Photo by JW.

Outlier: 60/30 Chino in Field Green.

I want a pair. I need some nice traveling pants for my upcoming trip.

Details from Outlier:
"The Outlier 60/30 Chino in Field Green. Limited edition Independence Day release.

A superior chino. Simple, incredibly comfortable and well suited for the rain, grit and motion of real life. Pants you'll want to pull out of your closet and wear everyday. Lightweight, breathable and gifted with a true freedom of movement.

Outlier's 60/30 Cloth is a carefully considered blend of cotton (64%), micro-denier nylon (29%) and elastane (7%). It combines the comfort and good looks of a classic cotton khaki twill, but with the four way stretch freedom of a cycling short and the durability of a hiking parka."

San Francisco Totally Live!

San Francisco Totally Live from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

Macaframa has a nice treat for us this AM.

You can really see the love they have for SF. The city is fucking awesome and so are people who ride it.

Details from Maca:
"This was an Easter Egg we placed in the DVD. Some people say it doesn’t exist but if I remember correctly it’s somewhere on the Main Menu Screen. I edited this on day 8 of 8 with no sleep to send off the Final Cut and Extras to meet our already past due deadline to dvd mastering. Partially inebriated and most effectively sleep deprived, the edits are a bit sloppy, but without fail here is a montage of San Francisco B-Roll we accrued during the filming of Macaframa."