27 September, 2010

It was bloggers heaven...

It really was. Everybody was there... Well, not bikesnob, or Hipster Nascar (they were represented, by friends). There is one blog ya'll really should get to know. My main man Ace and his blog "The Sleepers". Great coverage my friend! It was the best to walk around with you on Thursday, at the convention and into the wee hours of the morning. "Come at me Bro". So good....

Pic by the Sleepie.

Fixation: The ride with one gear

FIXATION Teaser 1 - Velodromes from Alex Trudeau Viriato on Vimeo.

Looks good, who knows anything about this?

Mission Workshops: Switch out your Straps.

Another spot, I hung out at a bunch was the Mission Workshops booth. Great group of cats, who really love their product. I, for one, am in love with my Shed. I was gonna drop the review this week, but the guys asked me to wait a bit. I think it's due to the fact, I'll be getting one of these new Anodized Hardware Straps to switch out the existing Straps that come with the bag. I'll see if it really is that easy to switch out... I'm super stoked for these guys, I think it's gonna be a big year for Mission.

Guess who I saw there...

The Lord of Griffith. It was rad to see this bag walking around the floor of the tradeshow.

I heard Burro has a new tank top... It's really fucking hot out, and a tank top is what I need...

Chrome: Wrenched

Besides the homies, Corinne, Jackie, Sharkey, Matt (So good to know what ya'll look like, finally) the free tattoo, the super cool new products, (look for some write ups and reviews here) this lil' book was the raddest thing at the Chrome Booth (another spot I huge out at, probably most of all the booths). A guide of sorts. Interviews with taste makers in our world, from the city the book is written on. Each person interviewed, were asked the same questions. Ranging from, favorite bike shop to best place for outdoor drinking, (since SF was the first city, Dolores park was every bodies answer, of course) to best kept city secret. Really good questions, and the answers serve as an underground guide to the city. I have plenty of places to visit, when I go up to SF. The folks suppling the answers, were the Macaframa homies, MASH dudes, HUF, Benny Gold, Rebel 8, A dominatrix, Tommy G, and plenty of other people, that I respect. I heard New York is next, Then it better be LA, if you know what's good for you, Corinne. I already have my answers.

Clean Bottle

Looks like just an ordinary water bottle? Newp... I saw these at Interbike and was lucky enough to get one. Being a daily commuter in LA, my water bottles get nasty, inside and out. I'm running this bottle right now, and I will give my opinion in a few weeks.

Go means Go

Por Vida!!!

Check out his Blog here. Also, Seattle don't forget the BFF is coming your way! I know Ryan is looking for folks to help out. Great seeing you my friend!

MASH/ Cinelli

While everyone is talking about the new Colorway of the MASH Frame, what really blew me away was the hat. So cool. It has the date of Interbike and everything on it. Seriously, though. There's a lot of rad shit coming out this year from Cinelli for urban track bike riders. I'm thinking 2011, speed will be king. I know which frame will under me next year.

Affinity booth

The Affinity, Mishka, dart and Holdfast booth, was one I would stop by throughout the two days I was there. There were a few booths like that. Kind of a hub of activity in our circles. It was great seeing Prolly, and finally meeting the Hold fast guys (keep it up!). However, for me, it was all about the Affinity side. As a Lo-Pro owner, it was great to see how these guys build them up. Gave me some ideas as what to change around, or to do to mine. Plus the sweet coozie they made, fucking rocks.