31 January, 2010

Yancosaurusrex workmens caps

My sister and I got some new caps from Killa Kyle over at Tracko this week and I thought I would review them. First we both love them. So comfy, and feels like they shape to your head right off the bat. Breaks in really fast, forms to you. Great for those cold nights, but also so breathable in the heat. It has become my new favorite and strongly recommend you pick one up. I get nothing but compliments when I rock it. Great work from Tracko and the homie Yanco.

Get em here!!!

29 January, 2010

Brighter Trailer!!!

BRIGHTER pre trailer from New Wave Cinema on Vimeo.

WOW!! This looks really good.. :)

Lissie - Wedding Bells

Lisse is a new artist I've been getting into lately.. Check her out!

YU KU$UMOTOh clears a 10 stair!!

YU with GOrilla from GEEK GARAGE on Vimeo.

Willy's Winter Warmer 1/31/10 San Francisco..

high noon
bercut arena

Some fun in the park this Sunday. Bring your cross bike, or your mountain bike... who cares? it's just gonna get covered in mud anyways. And probably beer. - Will Bot, sffixed


Death Pedal 2 Trailer by Kareem Shehab from Killa Kareem on Vimeo.

28 January, 2010

Navy Poorman's Weapon Release Party! at UNDFTD!!

@undefeatedinc Navy Poorman's Weapon Release Party. Fri Jan 29th w DJ MUGGS & King Solomon. Beers & Tacos at UNDFTD Silverlake. My best advice, Get there at 6pm to ensure entrance, It's gonna be live!!!

Undefeated Silverlake.
3827 W Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90189
(323) 668-1315

Stupid Cupid Feb 7th 2010

Bewm, looks like fun.

The homie Vic over at Onefixed is a sponsor

Along with my man Yanco!!!

Livery design gruppe suede straps

The guys over at Livery, gave me a set of the camo straps. I've ran for a lil over two weeks now, smashed on em, rode in the hardcore rain we've been having in LA as of late, and I'm impressed. Through the rains, the didn't slip, they dried pretty fast, didn't shrink, or stretch, maintained the color. I also have a new training route which consits of two major hill climbs in Griffith Park, and one long decent. I've gone up and down several times in the last two weeks and the straps have not needed any adjusting, they stayed in place from day one. I'll while continue to update as the weeks progress, but I see these lasting on my bike for awhile.

Pick em up here for 49.99, which is a pretty damn good price.

27 January, 2010

26 January, 2010

BIKE PORN Photo of the day!

1976 Richard Sachs Pistamo! I love Richard's work... one man shop who's been building frames since 1972! I really wish I could get one of these puppies. The only thing is It would get the shit kicked out of it on the street.. Rich, If you read this PLEASE let me do an extended TEST on one to prove that last statement wrong ;)

New Massive Attack Single!!!!

The new single from Massive Attack "Paradise Circus". From their upcoming new album “Heligoland” set to be released on February 9, 2010.

Thanks Chris

Chubby Boob presents: Call of the wild!!!

Alright, this is very short notice for a race, but it's gonna be a good one!

Chubby Boob, the most amazing group of people you will ever meet and hopefully get down with, have decided to throw a race.

I'm so stoked for this...

PS. The Muthafuckin Ulock MOB is printing T-shirts for this one!!!

Tokyo to Osaka Teaser

Tokyo to Osaka Teaser from John Murillo on Vimeo.

Bewm!!! I spy the homie Zachary Taka Scott in this! A really amazing guy, a fun dude to ride and race with. He has great tales of awesomeness, and of tragedy from this trip. If they do a part two this year I'm in. Looks great, vist the site here!

Stairways to heaven screening!!! update with sponsors

Oh, snap! Goldsprints! Re-matches for the racers? I can't wait!!!

In the cutts #6: Cardiel

intheCUTTS episode 6: JOHN CARDIEL from InThe Cutts on Vimeo.


Haiti Benefit race

If your in New York, please race this.... What an amazing idea to host a race for such a needy cause, good luck racers, and great
job to the organizers!!!!

25 January, 2010


I was Hanging with Kyle from TRACO on Friday and I told him about a really really good Flickr account that has some nice Vintage BMX Photos on it. He said "prove it" and " Oh, I got some don't make me break them out!"
So here you go! ENJOY THE LINK HERE


What a dope contest!!!! ^^^^^^Deets on flyer^^^^^^

Win an amazing bag from Mission Workshop

Thanks to Craigslist, Downtown Bicycle-Theft Ring Busted by Undercover Cops

Read about it here

Got this post from a homie, thanks Justin aka Mr. Quick! Good looking out. Hopefully this will be the start of the end of major bike crime in LA. I'm sick of hearing about friends shit getting jacked. Everyone, just lock up smart, (two ulocks, and maybe a cable for your seat) watch your shit, and your friends shit too.

24 January, 2010

Oahu hills

down time from dylan boto on Vimeo.

I saw this at lockedcog, and had to repost. I lived at the top of these hills in Oahu, Hawaii after high school. They really are no joke, steep and curvy as fuck. Thanks guys, you really brought back some memories of my youth. Instead of bombing them on track bikes, my boy Jon and I would smash down em on skateboards, so much fun.

23 January, 2010

Ritte photoshoot

Saw this on LAfixed and had to share it. The best photoshoot ever.

New Era Cycling caps

New era japan, killin it as always...

via Fixed gear blog

The zoomable map

This is amazing. For traveling, riding, and most of all, alleycats and street racing. For those of us who prefer analog technology
(or can't afford a smart phone) I hope this catches on, and most major cities get a map. Great idea, might be a little too late, but good none the less.

The zoomable map

via Milano fixed

In the Cutts #5 | FTC

intheCUTTS episode 5: FTCSF from InThe Cutts on Vimeo.

This is good history lesson for ya'll. I love Ftc, and it was my shop vist on my many trips to SF, while my sister lived there.
They continue to put out dope shit in the realm of skateboarding and fashion, and I pretty stoked for all their new contributions to track bikes...

21 January, 2010

Banksy “Exit Through the Gift Shop” Film Trailer

Some people don't like Banksy. Well, I'm not one of them. Here's his first film trailer, it might change the way we look at street art, or least the goofball side of it...

20 January, 2010

Unholy Sheep Shit 2010

Yeah, NY joe! Race time! Can't wait for this one!


I mean, wow. That is so cool, and so far ahead of its time. We can't even get bike lanes on most major streets in most american cities. Copenhagen ups the ante once more with bike handrails and footrests at lights. The footrest reads “Hi, cyclist! Rest your foot here… and thank you for cycling in the city.” Bewm, good job Denmark!

via bike rumor



God damn. This looks like a beast of a video...

19 January, 2010


hellCat from Lajalousie on Vimeo.

Man, I love the teasers for this race. Can't wait to know more...

via Milano Fixed

Flat fix

やっちゃうよ2 flat fix from jun iwai on Vimeo.

Clean, want to see a long one though....

18 January, 2010

midwest mayhem

This looks dope. All those sponsors, damn. I hope some folks from LA or Long Beach are going to this...
Good luck to all those that enter.

Vans Vault x Brooks Era LX

Iconic saddle company Brooks has collaborated with Vans Vault on the Era LX. The Era LX comes in a premium black leather colorway with a few brown accents. As part of the same series Vans has worked with Filson and Pendleton, so you can look out for another two interesting collaborations.


I love my bike photo tour update

On jan. 27th, this tour is coming through LA! Be at Orange20, 12-4pm, 4351 melrose ave. The Bike district!!! Come with a story or two about why you love your bike, and dress in your finest wears, cause it's a photo shoot!!!


Stairways to heaven screening!!!

Oh snap! Here we go! Lets make this a night, we'll never forget! Here are the deets....

The place is an open space work studio but if anyone decides to ride their bike there, they will have a room inside where bikes can be stored. The building is super safe and which is why the RSVP is required. Since we plan to have a good amount of people (capacity is 150) the security needs to admit each person in with name on list. So please send an email with your full name and we will be reserving in the order we received. The place will have a cash bar with plenty of cold drinks to enjoy the night.

RSVP info@thebicinity.com

Really stoked for this, it was our first race and the start of the TOLA! movement! We're so happy that Victor and his crew came out to film this, they put in a ton work and we expect big things from them this year! Thanks a lot guys, and hope to see everybody there!!!

17 January, 2010

290ed Teaser (part 2)

290ed Teaser (part 2) from ALOHA FIXED on Vimeo.

Bewm, this is gonna be dope...

Recession Renegades and Takeover LA! Present the BLOCK PARTY!

Today!!! Hooray!!! Andrew, Joe and I spent many hours building shit for ya'll to trick on... Can't wait to see what you guys got in pockets. Bring the heat!!! Wanna say bigs ups to the Renegades for putting this all together. Big ups to the sponsors of the trick comp. Onefixed, bici chica Los Angeles, StrykerLA, pull in, Recession Renegades, knice clothing!!!

15 January, 2010

Classic Hip Hop of the day!

MAD SKILLZ "Ghostwritter" @skillzva Run down the list of names..


Lovin the dodger blue color colorway. It will also come in black and white logo color scheme, but since we live in LA...
This is the one you get to see. Good looking hat from IMKING


Saw these at Pedal Consumption, and I liked em. So now, I'm showing em to you. Hope you dig em.
Rubbersidedown, rad bike t-shirts...

290ed Teaser (part 1)

290ed Teaser (part 1) from ALOHA FIXED on Vimeo.

The first of many teasers of what gonna be a dope lil flim from the homies at alohafixed.

14 January, 2010

Helsinki Cruising

HELSINKI 78-82 - CRUISING from Top Billin on Vimeo.

I really like this video, it reminds me of my homies. Solid days ridin, solid nights havin fun.


THIS HAS BEEN POSTPONED due to the venue closing, at least that's the rumor..
Texas, here you guys go! Glad to this see this is making it to Austin, but yet again...
WHEN IS THE LA PREMIERE? Tracko, can you use your weight to this? Should we work together and double team
this jam? We'll be at O20 to discuss this at the normal meeting on friday.

R.I.P Teddy Pendergrass!!

13 January, 2010

Release party for Madlib Medicine Show!!!!!!

Release party for Madlib Medicine Show, with live, in-house LP cover screening by Hit+Run, and guest DJs.
$5 cover, 8PM-2AM at Good Hurt Bar, Los angeles... 21+

Bow & Sparrow Artwalk

Yes, it's that time again! First Artwalk of the New Year!!! You know the boys at Bow & Sparrow are gonna bring
the heat for this one. Go get your walk on in DTLA tomorrow night, and we'll see you the Bow & Sparrow for the rukus...

Big Mac

I want one so bad. I eat like shit down here and the big mac is one of my main staples in my diet. If anyone knows
where this hat came from, please hit me with some knowledge...

via Milano Fixed


HELLATIGHT just dropped a new Yeezy Tuxedo cap. It's
the third colorway they've released. 100% wool and the Front bear glasses, ears,
nose and outline all are glo-in-the-dark. Visor and button are
perforated leather. Chrome satin lining with black satin taping inside, for a more luxurious feel. :)
Grab it now before it's gone HERE

12 January, 2010

LAFixed winter ride

We hosted the LAfixed winter ride this past sunday and what an amazing day of riding, fun and sun. So good in fact we made it to
Pedal consumption... thanks to everyone who came out and made sunday a rad day.

Check more photos here: Manolo Ponce who gets the photo cred!!!

LBC represent!!!

Trying out my new camera from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

Very nice! Better you see you guys on sunday for the trick comp...

Nike SB Zoom Bruin SB “Green Leaf”

These SB's are ill. Look good to ride in, clean lines, will look good from the bike to the walk...
Is this the year of green? I think so.

Recession Renegades x TOLA! Block Party & FGFS Trick Comp

1/17/10 Recession Renegades and Takeover LA! Present:

Date: Sunday, January 17, 2010
Time: 1:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: ECHO PARK!!!!
Street: 1717 Glendale Blvd.
City/Town: Los Angeles, CA


Random hero is hosting a ride to this event
Meet at O20 1pm (helitrope and melrose)
Ride out 130pm
It'll be a short route but fun route!!!

A bernie Maidoff Shooting gallery and other stuntz
Booze and Food from MAT KEEL'S "Secret Life Of Plants" and Chateau Marmont's EXECUTIVE CHEF, CAROLYNN SPENCE

and more.

Live tattoo's by STEVE OF DARKNESS.
Live barber, IVAN THE BARBER.

We're gonna be building ramps and other obsactles for you to trick on.
Prize package for the winner!!!

Nike Sportswear Air Zoom Toki ND

Nike Sportswear showing off a new colorway for their chukka boot, the Air Zoom Toki.
These shoes look like thy would be a great riding shoe, done with grey suede with blue piping and foxing strip, this shoe is sure to hold up. Look for these shoes Spring 2010.

Another look after the jump!

11 January, 2010

Edan The DeeJay's Echo Party & Ricky Powell Slideshow (West Coast premiere!)

@stonesthrow To celebrate the release of his latest album, "Echo Party", the MC/DJ known as Edan -- one of the masters of elevating the genre of hip-hop into sonic art -- will appear in-person for an epic DJ set, as well as to present the L.A. premiere of the film Echo Party, the half-hour found footage mashup companion piece to the album (directed by Cinefamily's own Mondo maharajah Tom Fitzgerald!) For the album, Edan was granted full access to the Traffic Entertainment Group's extensive back catalogue of old-school beats 'n breaks, and after layering them with his own instrumental work, "Echo Party" emerges as an astounding, obsessive pastiche of dance, rap and punk that utilizes everything from turntables to tape echo, glockenspiel to guitar, and Moog to kazoo. Tom's accompaning film is no less dizzy, mixing Bollywood, B-boys and a barrage of abstractions á la Brakhage into an addictive full-on psychedelic brainslayer that begs for repeat viewings. As well, on the same bill is the evening's opener, photographer Ricky Powell's legendary hip-hop slideshow! Powell (author of "Public Access", "Frozade Moments" and "Oh Snap!") will present a personally curated slideshow, a journey through his archives that spans his entire career documenting stars like the Beastie Boys, Run DMC and Method Man.

Date: January 16, 2010 8:00 PM

The Cinefamily
611 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Price $12.00

Info Line (323) 655-2510
Website http://www.cinefamily.org

Contact Bret Berg
611 N. Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036

(323) 655-2510

10 January, 2010

Happy Birthday Keith Hernandez!!!

WE LOVE YOU JOE!!! Happy Birthday from all your LA homies, keep reaching for that Rainbow!!!

09 January, 2010

K@NT! 2010

k@nt! 2010 from k@nt! on Vimeo.

originally posted by SEAN MARTIN

08 January, 2010


OMG, OMG!! A satin Wu-tang fitted!!! You have got to be fucking with me. This hat is what dreams are made of...

Get at Applebum on Jan. 15th

Doctor sentenced to 5 years in prison for assaulting bicyclists in Brentwood

Finally Justice has been served. Hey car people, we might not be going 50mph like you and we do not have a shell protecting us .... Please watch and SHARE THE ROAD. about an hour ago EX dr. Christopher Thompson has been sentance to 5 years in prison!!



Please join us in celebrating the launch of DJ AM and DJ Premier two pack at The Montalbán.

Saturday, January 9

On the tables...

This two pack will be offered in special packaging exclusive to The Montalbán and 21 Mercer.
100% of the proceeds benefit the DJ AM MEMORIAL FUND

07 January, 2010

Tazón pista! Coffee Mug..

If anyone has any idea of where I can get one of these, Please Let me know.... a man's Coffee mug is like his avatar for the office don't cha know ;)

Stupid SaturdaY spIn OuT

It's that time again!!! This saturday, time to get stupid!



Cadence X DVS Milan CTC

This one of those posts, everybody is doing it so I gotta do it too...
I'm really stoked for these shoes. I think they look great and they will be fun to ride in. I trust Dustin's
ability to create something that will stand up to the rigors of street riding. June cannot come fast enough for me.

BIKE PORN Photo of the day!

VINTAGE CINELLI BMX FRAME!!!! Giro has a blue one COMPLETE sitting in DRIF.LA Maybe I should go by and take a few pics...

Livery Design Gruppe QUILL STEM!

Mike at Livery Design Gruppe sent me a message last night and let me know they have some new products dropping for 2010. This is the first one in a series of posts I will be Featuring. I really like the classic look of this Quill stem. This coupled with the post tomorrow is going to be fire!

Here are the specs:
Hand brazed stems are polished and chrome plated.
Then CNC a chunk of aluminum that holds the bars in place.

-Quill Length is Adjustable from 0-120MM

-Will accommodate bars from 25.4-26.0mm

$119.99 per set.


WTF? I just saw this on Prolly's Blog and had to re-post this. It's pretty ridiculous that this kid got a ticket for doing a wheelie. Is that even legal? Really? F those cops, seriously..What's next, a ticket for wearing a black shirt at night?

the ticket says " Tricks/fancy Riding"

06 January, 2010

Mutiny Bikes | The Lost Mystical

Mutiny Bikes - The Lost Mystical from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Brotherhood BMX - RUSSIA!!!

Perpetual from Brotherhood BMX on Vimeo.

I came across this video by clicking on a users comment here on TOLA! His name is Alex. I don't speak Russian but a friend told me, based off of their website these guys build frames and components. Alex is that you riding? Really good lines man! I like the one leg mannys!!

Love Wheels Nagoya - 2010 Bicycle Calendar!!

Japanese babes, and the bikes they ride...Watch out now! These girls are straight outta Nagoya City- Japan. This 2010 calendar is a great way to watch the year fly by.. Oh and PS these girls also like to Race!!!

Buy it here