21 November, 2011

Product Review: Chrome Anza

I recently got a Chrome Anza for these harsh winter months in LA. This Jacket rocks. Pair it with a Cobra
and you are good to go. I wore this all last weekend in SF, where it was cold and rainy kept the elements out.
Rocked all day yesterday with a hoodie, during our downpour of the year, here in LA and was it was perfect.
This jacket looks great on, you feel sleek and smooth, ready to cut through any weather. Works well against the wind
as breaker too. Most the time in LA, I wear this with a t-shirt and I am totally protected against the elements.

This is my only issue with the Anza. The snap button on the back pocket. If you are carrying a heavy load on your
bag it tends to dig that button right into your back. Chrome could be solve this by making it velcro. Otherwise, this
has become my main top layer winter riding jacket. Perfect.

Swoop the Anza

PS. You might be wondering what that LDG frame is... Stay Tuned for the New New

Video Round Up X

Leader Team edit from faz adhili on Vimeo.

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Mission Workshop: Waxed Canvas Rummy

You can't go wrong with Waxed Canvas. Looks amazing and gets better with age. Mission Wokshop
just dropped theses jems.

Constructed from American-made 10 oz. waxed canvas, this limited-edition version of our Rummy
messenger bag gets better with age. The weatherproof canvas will show unique wear patterns that
reflect the trials of your daily routine.

The Rummy features a roll top compartment along with two quick-access cargo pockets, four internal
zippered pockets, custom aluminum hardware and a detachable cross-chest stabilizer.

Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

CranksGiving LA 2011: Recap

Cranksgving was this past Saturday in LA. 50 racers came out to support the longest running Alleycat in LA.
Two Manifests were needed to completed before you could hand off your food to the kids at Para de Ninos.
Myself and my lady Melanie did not finish due to technical difficulties. Congrats to Animal for coming in first!

1st Place - Animal
2nd Place - Ash
3rd Place - Haulass
1st Place - (women) - Martha
2nd Place (women) - Bebe
DFL - Lil Ceez
Bonus Points - Big Jungle

PS. You can it all agian this week at the 4th annual VCR Thanksgiving Alleycat