03 November, 2011

Chrome x FTC

Fyxation: Loop Bar Tape: In Stock/ Photo Contest

Fyxation just sent this over. Their new Loop Bar tape is in stock and ready to be used! On top of that, Fyxation is running a photo contest, where you can win free bar tape go along with the release.

Contest details:
Send a picture of your current tape/grips to info@fyxation.com. We’ll pick the three nastiest looking set ups and replace them with a shiny new set of Loop cloth or foam tape. Winners will be announced on November 8th and will be posted on our site and on our Facebook page.

Swoop the tape here.

Nick Hand: Conversations on the Coast

While checking out new T-shirts and Jerseys over at Miltag, I came across this jem. Nick Hand, Conversations on the Coast. Nick has written a book about the encounters/ interviews with locals he came across he had while cycling the British and Irish coastlines. A different take on the normal cycling journal. The links lead me to a great interview with Nick about the book and the journey behind it. You can read that interview here. Be sure to check out Nick's website here.

Swoop the book here!

Full Frame Collective: John Ivers

Kyle Emery took some amazing shots of John Ivers shredding the gnarliset transition spots in SF over at Full Frame Collective. This one of China Banks is my favorite. It's hard enough to hit that tranny on a skateboard, I can't imagine on a BMX. Speed is key to that one. Go check out the rest here.

I like this one too. Toboggannnnnnnn!