29 September, 2010

Contador test's positive...

Wow, a positive test for the banned drug clenbuterol, a weight-loss and muscle-building drug, on the final rest day of the Tour de France this year. Sad. He faces lose of the title and a two year ban. Sad. There maybe hope though, experts agree that this could be food-contamination case, due to the large amounts of test he passed this year. We'll see. If it's true is anyone really surprised at this point. I mean, shit if doping would help me win Alleycats....

NY Times for more deets.

Best sticker from Interbike

So true, so true.

Fyxation Tire: Review

A few weeks ago, I put on a Fyxation 28c tire on my Affinity Lo-pro. At first I was amused by it. It sounded like a Zipper when I skidded, made me laugh. Then it just got annoying. When I would run the Affinity, about three times a week for my 12 mile commute, I would skid the shit out of this tire. Mainly to get rid of the noise and see what it could handle. I liked the stopping power and the grip of it. Stopped on a dime, almost too good. For me, I like the ability to move around when I skid, short controlled skids to get through tight spaces and back up to speed fast. This tire could do that, with the use of muscles to push it through, but it was too much work for me. I think thats cause it was the 28c. It just wasn't doing what I needed it to. I had to replace it. It just wasn't my style. As a trick tire or a average commuter tire, I recommend the 28 or the larger 35c for tricking, it'll be perfect. It really felt indestructible and after about a month of riding, it showed not that much wear with a ton of skidding going on. For a track bike rider, aka speed is king, it'll slow you down. I would love to try out the 23c to see if that is more my speed, and really give the Fyxation tire a review it deserves.

Lever Test.

So, yesterday I posted that I got these Quik Stiks from interbike. Well last night I had a chance to test them out. On two different rims, a H plus son and on a Deep V.


People are forever trying to improve upon perfection. The Stringbike is another one of those creations that try to outdo what is already perfect.

Here's the short discription from Gizmag:
The system features freewheel mechanisms on either side of the rear wheel connected by polyethylene rope to a precisely positioned, symmetrical swinging arm that drives the bicycle forward. When the unit on the right is driving the bike forward, the other is being returned to its starting position and vice-versa which is said to result in greater efficiency and makes for a more comfortable, easier ride.

Here's Video showing how the system works:

What do you think? Good, bad, or just plain wacky? I would love the chance to ride one and really give it the once over, before I pass judgement. I just know I probably will never hear of Stringbike again, once I post this.