12 April, 2010

Low End Theory podcast Episode 14: Nobody and Take


Get it here!!!

Banksy is in town....

He's here. Keep your eyes out. This is at 4th and La Brea.

Greggityboop's bike and some chick cleaning it...

Clean that shit. I know how dirty you two get.

The fixfixfix

Normally, we don't post these kinds of things, but since it's Greg's bike and lady, I figured it would be okay...

Jiro belt x Vittoria : il Guerriero

Just in time for Giro d’italia 2010, Jiro belts and Vittoria combine powers to create a limited edition belt for the Italian Tour.
I really love the colors and these belts are awesome. Jiro sponsored a race we threw back in March, and the winners loved the belts.

Here's the deets from the site, there's only 30 belts available, so jump on it!

For the GIRO D’ITALIA (Italian Tour) 2010, JIRO in collaboration with VITTORIA, offers the most unique item in its kind.

The last 30 remained tyres in the world of the “IL GUERRIERO” type, manifactured in the Italian flag colors to celebrate the tricolor of Michele Bartoli.

This unrepeatable limited edition will include a pair of “IL GUERRIERO” tyres by VITTORIA in their original box and a JIRO set which is composed of a belt and a bracelet made just for this special edition.

For more info and reservations please contact: guerriero@jiro-belt.com

Michael Chacon

Michael Chacon Quick edit from Michael Chacon on Vimeo.

Nice lil homie!!! I expect big things from this kid....