21 April, 2011

A fixie ride...

Get in the drops!

Wednesday Nights at Encino

Beaver took some photos of the homies at Encino last night. Great shots Beaver!


One the last day the German crew was in town, they want ed to film some hills. We rode past Maltman,
and it was to their liking. It's a deceiving hill, a nice grade to start, then it goes straight up for the last block or two.
Hinricht won style points on the descent and Simon ted shredded it, like no other.

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: Swrve

I stopped by Swrve last night, to pick up the sponsor package. They hooked it up with two
pairs of shorts! Perfect for summer...

Thanks Guys!

Get your legs ready!

Swrve is another long time sponsor, and is some of my favorite cycling specific clothes.
Made in DTLA, and the best shit to ride in. Hands down.

Matt Spencer for Leader Bike USA

Sick! Nice work young man.

Chris Hensel

Anthony sent along these great photos of Chris last night. Really dig them. Classic track bike feel.

Check more out here.

Thanks Dogg!