21 December, 2009

Donghoh - Clean trick Edit

Donghoh from Andrew Plaza on Vimeo.

Nice and Clean.. Just the way I like iyt!!

found on TRICK TRACK!

Recession Renegades Block party Jan. 17th 2010

Get those tricks dialed, LA! We looking for smoothness..... and originality. Bewm!
This is gonna be a good time, sick DJ's and really amazing bands! What better to get down in the first month of
the new year, then with a dope block party?

Blinking Yellow

dope edit!

got it at Lockedcog

Hella Tight SF trolley cap

Need I say more?

Get it here at Hella Tight

Heroic Bros Save My Girls Wheel | True Story

So muh lady friend just got to my apartment in a tizzy because her front wheel got stolen and then un-stolen! Her bicycle was locked rear wheel through the rear triangle, no front wheel lock (whoops), near the Rite Aid near the Wilshire/Western station. She comes out and there are three mark ass kids hovering over her bicycle. One mark ass mark runs, one trick ass mark rides off, and the last mark ass trick rides off with the wheel to Wilshire and then north on Western. She runs after the kid with the wheel. Then three great bros on fixies ask her what's up, she quick tells her story, and they take chase, two traveling west on 6th, one east. Apparently the mark ass bitch ass thief shit his pants and dropped the wheel and the great bros on fixies brought back her wheel!

Thanks to those guys that chased the thief and got my girls wheel back because that hammer would have dropped on me just now if her shit was stolen. She forgot your names (surprise), otherwise I would give shout outs to ya'll.

Futura x Nike “Be True” Air Force 1 High

Artist FUTURA and Nike doing it real big in 2010!
This Air Force 1 design follows a clean cut look, highlighted by the use of perforated details on the uppers in a gradient effect.
Look for these to drop sometime in the early new year
Check out a detailed look of the shoe after the jump!

Return Of The Mack- Mark Morrison

Been jammin out to this one lately.

Snowcat Alleycat 2010 Ionia, MI

Sick flyer!

Our friend at One fixed is a sponsor, road trip anyone?

The Bontrager Wingtip Cycling Shoe!

Bontrager Wingtip Cycling Shoe? WTF Are these? There is no real info out about them, but they are perfect for you clipless tweed riders ;).

more info and from HERE

Kid Robot x new era x Kozik

FRANK KOZIK x KID ROBOT x 59Fifty all together. It has Kid Robot graphics such as the One Eyed Robot, Chumps, and Skull Spade on the front panels of the hat. A Koz!k x Kid Robot hit is stiched on the back of the fitted. Get it at Kidrobot

Nike Sportswear: Eddie Cruz: Nike Air Force 1 Hi Supreme West Edition Video

Our good friend Eddie Cruz has an interview talking about the new Air force 1 collaboration he did with Nike over at the Nike Sportswear site. The shoe is now available at select retailers.

Stussy x Ricoh GRDIII 30th Anniversary Digital Camera

et the collaborative floodgates open in anticipation of Stussy’s 30th anniversary in 2010. Despite the advent of new and arguably better-quality digital camera systems such as Micro 4/3rds, there’s without a doubt a soft spot for many with the fixed lens Ricoh GRD series. The razor quick focus and high-quality black & white photographs are among the GRDIII’s high points making it a great street compact camera. As well, un-like other cameras in its class, the GRDIII’s barrel retracts into its body for a small footprint. In May, Stussy and Ricoh will drop a limited run of 500 cameras as Stussy’s re-design includes the use of blue and other iconic imagery throughout. Stay tuned for more looks into the camera which carries a retail price of ¥99,750 JPY (approximately $1,100 USD). While not every collaboration can follow the same heavyweight status as this Ricoh team-up, we aniticipate some big things for 2010.