17 May, 2010

The Arch and Wiener Hustle/ Tubesteaks under the stars

Alright this is short notice but the Bike Kitchen is having a multi-pronged fundraising event this coming Sunday May 23rd.
There's an two person team "not-an-alleycat" race which starts at noon, (sign up begins at 11) While I don't know the course, I do have knowledge of what's gonna be going down at this race, and it's fucking awesome. You do not want to miss this. It's gonna be a fun race, and definitely what we need right now, just to make to everyone remember, it's bicycle street racing, it's meant to be fun! Then after the race, there's the "Magical Musical Tubesteak bike ride" The rest of the day is going to be filled with food, beers, snacks, bicycle bingo, then the ender ender of day will be a screening of the movie "RAD!" Fuck yes. I said "RAD!" All proceeds will be going to the Bike Kitchen's 5th year anniversary of being on Helitrope,. So if you love the bike block as much as I do, come and support this Sunday, It's gonna be epic.

Here the deets on the race:
A "not-an-alleycat" race for teams of two that starts at the Bicycle Kitchen at 12 noon. After the race stick around for Tubesteaks Under the Stars!
The Arch and Wiener Hustle is a checkpoint race through the alleys of East Hollywood and the hills of Silverlake. Isn't that romantic? Oooh yeah, just like you with your significant other: teams of two will split up, take on their own challenges, meet up at check points, and get all sorts of messy. And, believe me, baby. There will be a top AND a bottom. Did we mention this involves hot dogs? Get some.
Check-in begins at 11. Race starts at Noon. Real Noon, not Hipster Noon. Prizes for the first three wieners. That's not a pun.

Be there. We really need to support Organizations like The Bicycle Kitchen, during these hard economic times. We suffering, just imagine what it is like for a non-profit agency like Kitchen right now. They depend on donations to keep a float, I for one don't want any of these amazing grass root agencys to leave my community. Come, buy a hot dog or just hang out and let them know you support them.

-Sean Martin

How did I miss this?

Who wants to go? Nice work to Samuel Starr and his 132 foot Velodrome Senior Thesis Project inside the Pomona College Library!
I hope you passed playboy.

Get the full scoop and deets here.

Thanks for the heads up Joe, good to see you still care about what happens down here. Hahahaha. Lulz.

-Sean Martin

Amgen Tour of California

It started yesterday in Sacramento, while most of country and world will be watching this on T.V. or online, we here in California can go see this action in person. Dope. I for one am very excited for Saturday's Time trial in DTLA. Some friends of mine can and will be taking opportunity's to go ride and meet the Tour in some of the mountain stages this week. I can't. Sad, and fuck those guys. Hahaha. Work must go on, but come Saturday, I will be amongst the thousands flocking to DTLA to cheer on the riders as they complete two 10.5 mile laps in our fair city. It's gonna be good. Here's a video of the course for the TT. Then after this get done, don't forget to come to this.

Find out all deets of the TOC, here.

-Sean Martin

Bike to work week LA

Yep, it's this week! While I'm being a little snotty about it, (you should ride everyday) it is a good thing that Cities support this and encourage commuting by bike at least once a year. Kind of fitting that the start of LA's bike week is getting rained on. The rest of the year it'll be blazing hot, but the one week we get our moment in the sun, it's rains on our parade. Hahaha. There are alot of events this week, but the two that really stand out are: Tomorrow morning, The Blessing of the Bikes. Come out before you get your day started, and get blessed. Ride safely through the year, with whatever Religion, you prescribe to on your wheel. Then on Thursday, (bike to work day) is the day we get counted. Which means the more of us that ride on this day and get counted, be it at a pit stop or pledging online, its important for improving bicycle infrastructure and improving safety. So get the fuck on your whips and ride.

-Sean Martin

Scrapertown, Scraper bike Doc

Scrapertown from California is a place. on Vimeo.

we all remember the video "scraperbike". Here is a really cool 7 min doc on those kids. I love that they are using bikes as a positive influence in their neighborhood.

LA in SF, SF in LA

Hern raced in San Fran this past weekend, I heard he got top ten, but lost his phone and then found it during the race, maybe this why Hern didn't place well? Joe can you confirm this? You can see more photos on the MASH blog. Looks like it was a really good race, challenging course and people/ traffik everywhere. Hern, next one up there, I'm coming with ya, need to keep spreading more LA love in the SFC. Which brings me to this...

Hern is throwing a race for MASH, down here this Saturday. It'll be short and sweet, cause we gotta get to: Revisit MASH Tour of California, Project space: 603 North La Brea Avenue Los Angeles CA 90036

Get all Deets here...

But it'll have:
Video presentation, photography installations, award ceremony and much more.

-Sean Martin