17 May, 2010

Bike to work week LA

Yep, it's this week! While I'm being a little snotty about it, (you should ride everyday) it is a good thing that Cities support this and encourage commuting by bike at least once a year. Kind of fitting that the start of LA's bike week is getting rained on. The rest of the year it'll be blazing hot, but the one week we get our moment in the sun, it's rains on our parade. Hahaha. There are alot of events this week, but the two that really stand out are: Tomorrow morning, The Blessing of the Bikes. Come out before you get your day started, and get blessed. Ride safely through the year, with whatever Religion, you prescribe to on your wheel. Then on Thursday, (bike to work day) is the day we get counted. Which means the more of us that ride on this day and get counted, be it at a pit stop or pledging online, its important for improving bicycle infrastructure and improving safety. So get the fuck on your whips and ride.

-Sean Martin

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  1. that three wheeler on the left is butter