03 May, 2011


MASH TWIN PEAKS MAIN RACE from Storts on Vimeo.

Here's a edit from Steve. I'll update with photos and cool stories tomorrow. Sick shit, it was brutal to watch.

To Live & Ride in L.A.: The Soundtrack

As part of the push for the 6/21/11 release of TL&R, Trafik just sent over a press release about the
soundtrack. They have some exclusive remixes of the soundtrack and are looking for someone out there
to do better! You can win a prize bag.

Head on over to Trafik to take a listen.


MASH got a shop. It's pretty rad. Super stoked for my friends.

Go Visit next you're SF.

773 14th Street
SF CA 94114

Hern's Prototype Vittoria's

Hern got some Team Mash Prototype tires to race on Sunday for the Mash Hill Climb Time Trial.
Lets just say he shredded one in about an hour of racing. Back to the drawing board?

Walton's Race: Results

Super shitty photo, I know. I still have to give Crihs love for winning Walton's race Friday afternoon.
Walton had won the Frame two Friday's ago at the Macaframa race. He decided to throw the same race,
putting the frame up for grabs last Friday. Crihs won! Congrats.

Chrome Brigadier: Get Gone

Chrome Brigadier: Get Gone from Chrome Bags on Vimeo.

Travel time is upon us... Myself, I'm heading out on a bunch of trips this year, maybe I should look into this bag.

Ideum Apparel: New New

The homies over at Ideum, sent over their new designs. Pretty eye catching work. Really dig the designs, and the best part is you can win some at LOG lll this year! New Sponsor, bewm.

Kyle! Lemme get one!

Killing the game with these hats... You really just need to save me one every time you make a new style...

Swoop it from Tracko

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: HOC

More Swag. This time it's from our homeboy over at House of Commons. Joe has been a
supporter for quite sometime now. We hung out for a bit in SF and just caught on stuff.
Really happy to have him back as LOG lll sponsor! Thanks HOC!

Race time is coming up fast. Get ready for it!