30 November, 2010

Korean Lunch

Kevin and Simon met for lunch today. It was a NJS power lunch.

Photo by Kevin

MASH Mud!!!

Garrett getting dirty.. I heard he was in LA this week, hopefully he cleaned up first.

Via Mash

Low End Theory podcast Episode 18: Nobody and Jon Wayne

I forgot to post this! So dope.

Get it here.

Death before Derailleur: Crewneck Sweatshirt

Remember these Posters awhile back? Well, now they're are back in Sweatshirt form. I love em. I've noticed a that the Fixed gear cycle of hate is back this winter, from random posts to garbage websites. The Cycle continues. Well, for those of you of who think a it's a huge trend, you're right. It has been, and it will be. We were saying this a more then a few years ago. If anything it doesn't look like its going away, when and if it does, then we'll all be able to collect parts and frames for really cheap, if not, then more people will be on bikes. Thats what really matters, more folks riding. Until then.... Just ride your fucking bikes, whatever they maybe.

Get your Pre-order on here.

Moe Straps

A little over a year my good friend Matt Lord, sent me this leather U lock holster from Seattle. It's from a company called "Moe Straps". I have always wanted a matching one, or another one. It's weathered very nicely, and still feels like it will last forever. I'm posting this, because, I'm trying to find out if they are still being made, I'm heading to Seattle for New Year's this year and want to meet up with who ever makes them and get another one. Internet searches, have yielded nada, and Matt hasn't seen these around in any shops, lately. So, Seattle if you have any info, let me know!

Banksy: Choose your Weapon

Need X-mas present ideas for that Banksy fan in your life? Well then get me this. I mean them...

Limited edition Banksy print from Pictures on walls, dropping in December.

Via the HighSnob

29 November, 2010

Zlog Crew: Winter training

I don't miss Seattle winters at all. I am stoked to come visit for New Years this year!

Great edit from the homies at Zlog

Product Review: Mission Workshop: The Shed

A few months ago, Mission Workshop hit me up to do a review on "The Shed", the first ever "Rolltop Messenger Bag". After taking this bag back and forth from work, Las vegas for interbike, and SF for the BFF, I figured it was time for the write up. I really took my time with this bag, I would love it, then out of nowhere I would just hate it, (the Gemini in me) and not use it for a few days. It was my travel bag, meaning I would pack clothes in another bag, and bring this as my roll around the city bag. Fill it with my shopping, tools, camera and other shit I would need during the trip. As for commuting, I liked it. It has a real professional look to it. Coming into a professional work environment, it made me feel legit, and very proud to be riding my bike to work. Almost like a briefcase, but more badass. As a working bag, i.e. Bike Messenger, I wouldn't use it (I'll explain below), for a commuter or Student, where you are in and out of your bag very little, and need to carry a bunch of stuff at one time. I highly recommend it. Read on for the full explanation.

Zlog x RE Load Waxed Canvas Lockdown Straps

Damn Zack. These look great!

Get on the Pre Sale here!

Rider Profile: Ace Carretero

The Boogie Monster. I love my dude. Forever cracking jokes and spinning spokes. haha. Seriously, Ace pushes me. One of the hardest working guys I know. We get into it sometimes, but it's always for the best. Chin Checking, I love it, it makes me want to be better and work harder. I thank him so much for introducing me to the Nerd Crew, and letting me get down. This is what I call Family, and I'm happy that Ace is core member of mine. CNBC. Interview after the jump.

DZR: The Return of the Lazy Man to Bike Shoes

The Return of the Lazy Man To Bike Shoes from James Adamson on Vimeo.

Super funny. These shoes rock BTW.


Shop Dogg

at O20 has seen better days.

28 November, 2010

Fixed City

fixed city | Trailer [subtitled] from e r t z u i ° film on Vimeo.

It's out! Only 150 copies, you better swoop.

Ordering info and deets at fixed city

Thanks Kyle!

Bumstead Crew!

Bumsteads Crew Rides Glendora Mountain Road from garrison Bumstead on Vimeo.

These guys are so much fun!

Orange 20 x Hold Fast

These are ill. I'm slowly getting ready to build up a secret bike in the next few months and I want to put these on it. The only thing is these are prototypes, so if you want them go Kyle and demand them to be made. I know I will.

O20 is still hosting their sale today, so be sure to go through and get some new shit!


Got some new T-shirts over the weekend...
My homeboy Alf, just dropped his new line over at Monotone. Good shit, you can cop right now at the Chubby Boob Pop up shop. I love my Salem witch trials tee. So good.

The other Shirt I got was the Dirk Hoffman Motorhomes Shirt from MASH, Hern hooked it up. Thanks Dude, my new favorite.

27 November, 2010

PC stickers

Nice work Patrick. Love em.

Get em at pedalconsumption!

Lorem Ipsum: Live

The Lookbook is here! I want it all.


Broadway Bombing 2010

Broadway Bombing 2010 from crihs on Vimeo.

Chee, Crihs!

Race today!

Lets do this LA!

Windy City Gentleman - China White..

Download "China White" now at: http://windycitygentleman.bandcamp.co...

Title track from W. C. Gentleman's debut album! OUT NOW on Pterodactyls After Midnight Records.

For music, info, photos & tour dates visit: http://www.windycitygentleman.com

Follow Windy City Gentleman online:
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/windycitygent...
MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/windycitygentl...
TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/windycitygent

25 November, 2010

Lorem Ipsum: CountDown

There's a countdown over at Cadence...

I guess that means the New New drops on 11/27/11! Super stoked for you Dustin!

Livery Chainrings and Cogs

I won the Livery 50t Chainring for DFL at Hern's race on Tuesday. Can you believe no body picked the Cogs as prizes? Kids today. While everybody was grabbing T-shirts, I swooped on a 15t and 17t Cog from Livery, when it was time for the up for grabs leftover prize pile. These Cog are insanely lightweight, I mean it's kind crazy. They feel like there is nothing in your hand. Now I just need a Crankset, and the Felt could be back in working order, or a secret bike...

Black Friday LA.

Two Rabbits Studios

We are crew deep on Black Friday. Come to the Ronin Gallery and get your swag on. I'll be bouncing back and forth between the Gallery and O20, trying to get the best deals of the day..

BYOB at the Gallery... We mean it.


DEFRAG from Hayoung Jung on Vimeo.

Digging the music and the vibe. We really need to start filming. Joe?

Via Prolly Thanks Buddy!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

We here at TOLA! wanna say Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers! We are thankful for each and everyone of you! Have a great day, and come get pitted with us later. Bewm!

24 November, 2010

MASHSF: Pre-Order list, Cinelli Histogram Frameset

A no obligation pre-order list? Rad. The homies over at MASHSF, are creating a huge buzz with this. I hope everyone who signs up will buy their frameset, when it comes time too.

Info here

VcR Thanksgiving Race: Results

Hern threw the third installment of the VCR Thanksgiving Race, last night. About 15-20 racers braved the cold and rain to do some good for the food bank in Santa Monica/ Venice. You had to go to five different grocery stores on your manifest, picking up at least one item from each store. You had about an hour to do it in. There were winning categories for most weight, most items, and fastest. I know Justin got fastest, he only went to three stores, however I think everyone only went to three stores. there was not enough time to make to all five. Shannon got 1st girl. Myself? I got DFL. I followed some friends and we went to the wrong stores, that weren't on the manifest. So we just bought alot of weight in food and went to the end. Some how with all the penalties I got, I wound up with DFL, and walked away with a Livery 50t chain ring. Stoked. Link to the Results.

Octopus Caps

Hern threw a fun race yesterday, (more on that later) and one of left over prizes, that was up for grabs, (no body picked it, sad) was this Octopus Cap. Well you know me and hats... I swooped, and wore it to work today. I noticed that it was riding up on one side of my dome, when I was looking in the mirror. Flipped the cap inside out, to see if there was a stitch out, or something else. Bewm, Secret pocket.

I went on the site, to try to find out the scoop on the pocket, but alas no info.
Can anyone tell me more?

23 November, 2010


Last year I posted about DAN WITZ and a show he had in LA at the Carmichael gallery. He's back with a new Street Art Project for 2010: WHAT THE %$#@? I love his Projects. it's the fact that they are subtle and bold at the same time. AWESOME Jux.

JR in Shanghai


MacaFrama Whips

Maggieds, I really like the Black...

Jason Yim's

Via Jason

Thanks to Beaver for pointing this out to me.

Craft: Zero Extreme Concept Base Layer

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post saying I was going to Alaska, to go Snow MTB, over the Christmas Holiday. My friends over at Craft, read that and sent these two pieces to me. Zero Extreme Concept. Base layers. The key to staying warm is base layers. Start with a base and work your way out. I can't wait to play in the snow! I should be warm and cozy in the frozen north.

Chrome: MotorHead's Messenger Bag

Speaking of Chrome, they got a new Colab out. Motorhead x Chrome = Heavy Metal Holiday. This drops 11/26/10, Black Friday.

Get it here.

Bunny Hops for Breast Cancer

Bunny Hops for Breast Cancer from Matthew Spencer on Vimeo.

This looks like a very fun day.

Elevated Engineering presents Josh Boothby

Elevated Engineering presents Josh Boothby from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

Boothby fucking shreds. He's super fun to hang with too. Nice edit guys.

Look x Lacoste = Ghost bike?

Early look at the new Ghost bike? from Look x Lacoste Colab. Hopefully there will be some changes before it drops spring 2011. Like color. I do like the way the frame looks, and want to know more. Loving the rack and the all white brooks. Looks like internal speed hub with a Carbon fiber *belt* drive. Interesting. Was this at interbike? How did I miss this?

Via High Snob


Product Review: Chrome Cobra

About a month ago Chrome sent me The Cobra. As cold as it has gotten lately in LA, I figured it's a good time to review this hoodie, so ya'll will pick it up and be snugly warm. Since getting it, it has not left my bag. It has kept me warm in SF two weekends ago and the last few weeks in Cold LA. 100% Merino wool hoodie, that feels like a dream when wearing it. So comfy, all you really need is a t-shirt underneath and you are good to go. Fits great under a flannel, if the temperature really drops below 45. Perfect to ride in, cut like a jersey so it goes over your back side and doesn't ride up, exposing anything to the elements. Read on to get the finer points on one of the best hoodies I own.

BFF SF: Trick Jam: Steven Jensen

Seattle killing it in SF.

Great Photo by John.

Check more out here.

22 November, 2010

Cranksgiving Ten: Results

Saturday was the 10th running of Cranksgiving. What a fun race that was. It consisted of three zones, each zone containing a dispatcher. You enter a zone, go to the dispatcher, get checked in, race around in the zone, finding two different grocery stores, picking up one item off of your manifest at each of those stores, then returning to the dispatcher, to get your manifest checked out. Then repeat two more times in the other two zones. Made for a very fast and fun race! Congrats to Boo Boo for pulling in the win, and Congrats to Amanda for getting 1st girl! Most of all thanks to Doug, Melissa, Ozzie and Echo Park Cycles for holding down this race year after year. Ten more years!

YancoSaurusRex Chalk bag

Over the last few weeks, I have been getting this question a lot, "What is on your belt and what is in there?" So, I figured I should do a post about it. It's my Yanco x Tracko Chalkbag. A while ago, I noticed my homie Ace rocking one of these, on his belt, (it has a belt loop on one side) or just in his bag holding his Canon G10. Quick access, shot from the Hip style, easy to ride with, durable, and protects your camera. (I have crashed with this on my belt, no problems at all) I won of one these awhile back, and I would use a zip tie to attach it the back of my seat as a water bottle cage. Just biding my time til I got my G11. Now this is almost never not on my belt. I love it. One of my most favorite things I have won in a race. Gotta give love to Ace for showing me the ways of the Chalk Bag.

Get it here.


Love it. Get it here.

Hern, will any of these make it as prizes for tomorrows race?

Joe McKeag

Get this kid some pants! Haha, Great edit. Joe is awesome, and he shreds.

Via Prolls

Alloneword Cap and Prolly's Love

A lot of love was waiting for me, Saturday morning. Opened the door to go to breakfast and there was my new Custom cap from Alloneword, Thanks Mary E. I love it, it's really a head turner and very well made. Super comfy and fits well. Thanks again. Here's a post I did a few weeks ago. Look for a follow up piece on Mary and Her hats. Then in my mailbox was Sticker love from the Prolly! Thanks dude, the Vegas cards were quite funny.

VCR Thanksgiving Race

Tomorrow night! Be there. It's a good one!

Rider Profile: Devon Tsuno

Devon. When I first came up with doing these profiles, Devon was on the short list to be amongst the first. He's the raddest, always with a smile and quick wit, takes amazing photos, a very talented artist, and all around great guy. Whenever ever I have had beef in the community, online or in person, Devon is always the first one to to hit me up later and give me those words of encouragement that I need and has something funny to say, to snap me back out of that funk. I thank him for that, and look to forward to our first encounter on the track. Thanks Devon, you're the best. Interview after the jump.

20 November, 2010

SF: Tonight at SPACE GALLERY opening reception for FRAGMENTS!

Curated by Aaron Lawrence, FRAGMENTS is a group show that breaks down a range or styles and mediums, that is re-fragmented into one installation.

Featured Artists:
Sergio Lopez
Paul Konzen
Nolan Yelonek
David Young V
Red Jordan Arobateau
Paul Kalcic
Megan Wolfe
Aaron Lawrence
Shaun Roberts
Donald Mota
Bethany Rose
Matt Miller

With a Live Performance on Opening Night by:
Tracy Jones

Space Gallery SF
1141 polk st
San Francisco, CA 94109

19 November, 2010

Lorem Ipsum: Raw Jeans?

Spied this over at Cadence. I saw some of these at interbike this year. I hope this photo, means that these jeans are dropping soon.
I have a pair of the first generation, (thanks Greg for not being able to fit them) and really can't wait to get my hands on some more.

iMiNUSD: One Year Anniversary Stickers

Congrats on the One Year Anniversary! Good luck with the race. Sorry the weather shut down the trick comp!

Swoop on some stickers here, there's only 500!


Bicycle Crash!

Photo by Karolis Milasevicius

Submitted for the National geographic Photo Contest.

Nosaj Thing x 2001: A Space Odyssey

Nosaj Thing - IOIO & Fog (2001: A Space Odissey) from Miguel Bidarra on Vimeo.

All Around and Away We Go - Twin Sister

All Around and Away We Go from Twin Sister on Vimeo.

Affinity Cycles x Kenzo Minami


So sick looking... The wheels alone are dope, that frame is hot fire. Great edit.

Go over to Prolly's Jam for the whole scoop.

Jay O'Callahan: The Power of Storytelling

Jay O'Callahan: The Power of Storytelling from 99% on Vimeo.

Jay O'Callahan has the rare distinction of traveling the world telling stories. Here, he introduces us to the power of storytelling – that most human, and ancient, art form. Through the lens of a tale about NASA putting a man on the moon, O'Callahan illustrates how storytelling taps into our imagination, engages those around us, and inspires amazing achievements.


Races this weekend

Whitter is holding what maybe their first street race this Saturday. I'm super stoked for the organizer Nick, it's his first time throwing an event and I wish him good luck. I won't be to make it, and I know Cranksgiving is the same day, but it is possible to do both races. Go Support!

Cranksgiving! The best race in LA, Ten years deep.
So rad. I'm excited, it'll be my third, I think. Need to count my t-shirts... Looks we'll be racing in the rain, but it's for the Kids. That is the best part of this race, coming in with your bags full of food, and you get to deliver right to Para Los Ninos, seeing their smiling faces, make all of the racing, so worth it. Here's to another Ten Years of Cranksgiving! Race Safe everyone!