02 May, 2011

Takeover Oakely

Holy Crap, what a party that was. The meet and greet was at Oakely for the Red Bull Ride and Style on Market ST. Pretty much the who's who of the fixed world was in SF this past weekend, there were some people missing, but it was great to catch up with old friends and make new ones. I would have to say it was done real well on Thursday night. There was a silent auction for the Pablove Foundation which raised over $2000 bucks! Awesome!

SF Day One: Planes, and Chrome Custom Bags...

What an amazing time this past weekend. So, lets get it started. I landed Thursday afternoon, and the homie
Chris picked me up from SFO. We headed to DTSF, to put bikes together (thanks for letting me borrow the Romic)
and then headed over to Chrome. It was a media only event, where Chrome was debuting their new in-store custom bag making process.

Beaver's Photos...

Beaver and I hung out a ton this weekend. He is one of my best dudes. Great photos as always.
Thanks my dude! T'was a truly epic trip, for both of us.

Check out more here!

Videos for days....

SHMOB City Daze/Red Bull Teaser from Shane Hunt on Vimeo.

To get it started, here's some videos from this past weekend. So much to talk about!

Thank you

While I figure out to get started covering the awesomeness that went down this past weekend, I wanted to say thanks
to some folks. Chris, thanks for picking me up and lending me the whip, you're the best tour guide there is.
J.B., Kell, Marc, Chas, Steve Tortellini (lol), Rai, Billy, Crihs, Aton (heal up), Corrine, Ryan R., Prolly, Chrome, HOC (thanks Joe),
TCB, SF, all the new friends, all the old friends, thanks for making this weekend Super fun times my guys/ gals.
Casey, your turn to come to LA, thanks for the use of your crib. Joe, you should have hung out more.
If I forgot you, I'm sorry. Be back in two weeks, or you should come to LA!

Props to Red Bull for throwing such good events this weekend, and making this happen.

Rider Profile: Jon Budinoff

About a year ago, I threw the second installment of my race "The Lord of Griffith". I set the racers off on their way.
After the first lap, a shirtless fellow was leading the race, same on the 2nd lap. I was blown away, and was like who
is this shirtless guy? Thus Shirtless Jon was born. He always comes out to race, and is one of the loudest guys out there.
Super fast, and he can really make the bike move. I'm impressed with how fast he has taken to the bike,
and it's always a pleasure to see him out there racing. I want to see him kill LOG lll this year.