15 December, 2010

Customized Bike rack

Seen DTLA, this past weekend. Want to see more of this.

I want to ride this.

Spotted over at HighSnob.

Dick Lane

Dick Lane from Lfour on Vimeo.

Rad. Stoked.

Nice find Kyle.

Us Versus Them: Improvise and Survive

Us Versus Them: Improvise and Survive from Matt Lingo on Vimeo.

Nice edit.


This is something Colt and I picked up at interbike '09. TRION:Z, using negative ions (magnets), it helps recovery time, heals you and makes you feel good. I had forgotten about this, then found mine in a drawer. I've been wearing again for about a week, it's totally awesome. You can feel the magnet on your skin and it gives you a nice boost of energy. The best thing, is that recover time is cut in half. After a long ride, and you got this thing on, you feel great, and feel like you could get right back on the bike and go the distance. I'm stoked, I found mine, and I'm never gonna lose you again, TRION:Z.

Los Angeles Winter Gold Sprints

Get some!


Bicycle Kitchen: New site!

The Kitchen has a new Site! Looks great! Designed by dylan haley of Type Goes Here.

Check out the Kitchen's Site Here!