26 October, 2011

Lady AlleyGato

Our Homegirl, Christy O. from the Bay sent this over. An all Lady/ Trans Alleycat, tomorrow! There hasn't been one of these in LA for a minute (needs to happen). If you're in SF tomorrow, go race or show up and support!

Details from the ladies:
Here's another AlleyCat for the ladies/trans of the Bay Area!

Meet at Cupids Arrow on the Embarcadero, and race amongst your fellow lady/trans riders!! The entry is $5, and winner takes all! Tell your homegirls, and those not on FB!!!!

Plus awesome prizes for 2nd, 3rd, and DFL from Mission Bicycle and Alite. Race will end at PUSHBIKE (22nd/Shotwell) with cervesa!!

Registration 6pm
Race begins at 6:30pm

FB Event page

PRFixed x Cinelli x RVCA Frame Exhibition 2011

Cinelli has a great photo exhbit over at their FB page. Ten "One Off" Vigorellis custom design by 10 Puerto Rican artists selected by RVCA and hosted by PRFixed. Some pretty good stuff in thier, check it out here and "like" your most favorite. These are a few of my Favorites. Header Artist: Sofia Maldonado

Artist: Celso Gonzàlez.

Artist: Gerardo Cloquell (Esco)

Artist: Nepo

Artist: The Stencil Network
Juan Ramòn Gutierrez

TCB Courier: Bernal

Check out this new edit from Steve. Looks like a slow day for the boys. I guess when we come up for the SF Bike Expo next month, we're gonna have to put them to work.

TCB COURIER- BERNAL from Storts on Vimeo.

Race time

Outlier: Soft Core Wool Vest

Vests, I love a good vest. Looks our friends at Outlier have the perfect vest for fall. The Soft Core Wool Vest, makes me want to be in the woods in the Northwest... Soon.

Wide range warmth without overheating. The Outlier Soft Core Wool Vest. Traditional winter insulation is often too hot for switching between indoor and outdoor activity. With this vest we pair three well considered layers of highly breathable insulation with a trim cut to create a drier, more comfortable way to stay warm.

A soft core of knit superfine New Zealand merino for an always comfortable body climate. An outer face of wool flannel for outdoor performance and sharp looks. Sandwiched in between is a 120 gram Primaloft Infinity continuous filament insulation. Unlike most insulations Infinity does not clump and it does not migrate, allowing us to use dramatically more breathable fabrics and create a more comfortable form of warmth. A standout piece from our Fall ’11 collection, the Soft Core Wool Vest. Made in the SF Bay


Mission Workshop: The Fitzroy Rucksack

Our friends at MW just dropped a larger version of their Sanction Rucksack, The Fitzroy. A larger bag for those days, when you need a little more space in your bag. These are really good looking bags in person and I'm always impressed by the quaility of MW. My Vandal and my shed are my go to bags, and still look good. Love them. Here's a an edit of the Fitzroy in action.

Fitzroy Rucksack as used by Bicycle Coffee Co. from Mission Workshop on Vimeo.

Details from MW:
The Fitzroy is an impenetrable fortress of a pack that holds and protects all of your gear, cargo, and valuables from morning's start to the day's end. Built to last a lifetime with waterproof fabrics and military spec. construction.

The Fitzroy also features multiple weatherproof compartments, urethane coated zippers, waterproof materials, and an internal frame sheet. Large zippered pocket fits most 17'' laptops, with smaller zippered pockets for your gear.

Made in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

Nice modeling Rai!

Rider Profile: Robert Pacheco

The Lil' homie. The dude that kicks my ass on our track bike ride every Saturday morning. I watched this young man grow into a cyclist over the last two years and he has impressed the shit out of me. He's getting ready to throw his first race next Sunday, (1st LA halloween alleycat in quite some time), and he hosts his own ride - Tuesday night hustle ride. Robert is holding it down on the LA streets and you all should keep an eye on him. This kid is a pleasure to ride with and it's going to be real exciting to see over the next few years what this young man has hidden up his sleeve.

Robert Pacheco

What do you ride?
48cm Continuum/ Chris King Headset/ Wound Up Fork
Thomson stem/ Nitto b125 Drop Bar
Thomson seatpost/ Specialized Toupe Expert
Mavic Open Pro laced to Low Flange Phil Wood hubs. 17t EAI Goldmedal Cog
Campagnolo Record Cranks/ 47t Sugino Zen Chainring/ Campagnolo Veloce Btm Brckt

How long have you been riding/ what started you?
Started February 2009, my car was stolen right after I bought my first conversion. The car was later found stripped and burned. My conversion became my everyday ride. Havent looked back since.

Do you wear a helmet y or y not?
HELL YEAH. Was hit by a car in September NOT wearing one, all bad. Our drivers are too stupid for cyclists not to wear one.

Favorite shop?
Echo Park Cycles. even though its not around anymore when it was here it was the shit. First bike shop I ever went to, Ozzie, Doug, Melissa (Rest in Paradise Mouse), the first DTLA messengers who taught me how to ride these streets.

clips or clipless?
Both, but since I've discovered clipless, I prefer it. Time Atac pedals, inverse cleats (no float). Specialized Mtn Sport Shoes

Ride with headphones/ music?
Only 1, the right/ outside one. I like my tunes, but love to hear the traffic and insanity around me as I ride.

Sponsors or teams or clubs you are a part of?
The Juice. Nothing official yet, but im trying to get the Juice on its feet again.
Chicken Hawk Racing. My club. Still unofficial but you'll begin to see it more and more.

Favorite race/s?
Lord of Griffith 3. Griffith park, greatest place for a race. 15th out of about 70?
The Takeover 2. Part 1. 5th.
What can I say I like climbing, descending and sprinting.

Favorite place to ride or route in la?
Sunset blvd. at 6pm. Griffith at any time. The rest of the city and everywhere in between. Theres nothing better than just riding the city streets, explore and you will find anything you can ask for.

Fav. person(s) to ride with?
Jose “HuevsMartin” Henriquez, my lil nephew thats more like my lil bro. i bring out the best in him and he does the same for me.
Ace “Boogie” Carretero
Sean “TOLA” Martin
Sean and Ace, both have taught me so fucken much, street knowledge, race knowledge, everything you would need to know to survive on a brakeless track bike in LA. Ace taught me the streets after graduating from the University of Tracko, and Sean taught me a lot about rides, and races.

Dope chill spot?
Don’t really chill to often. As long as im with friends doesnt really matter really.

Why la?
Cuz I was born here! Ha! No better place to be, its big, but compact. You can go a mile in any direction you want and you will run into something completely different. There are no limits to this city.

What do you do for work?
Orange 20 Bikes. Cyclist at a bike shop, cant complain, love the look of new faces on new bikes.

What other hobbies/ projects do you do?
Just got into Mountain Biking.
Trying to do more but don't know where to start, any suggestion?

Dream bike?
Not too sure actually. Dont really have a “Dream” bike, like too many to just pick one. BUT the road bike I want and will be saving up to buy within the next few months is, Jamis Xenith Pro w/ Ultegra Di2

Best/worst thing about riding in LA
Best thing. Traffic, hills, and the fact that you can ride in any direction and run into crazy shit.
Worst. LA Drivers. Drivers dont care about the cyclist here, they dont know how to drive with cyclists near.

Any secret tips/ secrets you wanna give?
Be Aggressive, there's no other way to ride in LA. You must be aggressive or you will not survive. People wont give you the lane, you must take it. DO NOT HESITATE!

Shout out?
Mom and pops! wouldnt be here or anywhere near this athletic if it wasnt for you 2.
Nena! Sister that doubles as a 2nd mom
Ace Boogie
Sean Martin
Orange20 Bikes!
Ozzie- Echo Park Cycles. Taught me the right way!
Melissa! Mouse! Rest in Paradise! one of the greatest people I ever had a chance to meet. First female messenger I met.

Last word?
A fixed gear is a bicycle at its purest form. no gears and no brakes. Considered the ultimate marriage between man and machine, a sub 20 pound piece of machinery is the only thing separating your body from the hard concrete.
Be aggressive, dont hesitate, dont be scared.
Search for the hills and you will find you dont need to go to San Francisco to bomb some hills!