03 January, 2011

Win a BFF Limited Edition Concor Supercorsa Saddle

This Wednesday on their FB page, trivia questions!

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Freeman Transport: Pouch Set

After my travels, I like to review and see what mistakes I make in packing or my bag choices. I loved my bag choices, A Chrome Ivan for clothes, and a Mission Vandal for Xmas presents, swag, and electronics. While using two bags was a little overkill, I'm sure one of those bags would have done it all of it alone, however I would have had to check it. Plus I was traveling to two different cities, requiring changing planes (maybe lost luggage). I really didn't want to lose my shit that way. So, both bags made the flight, no checking needed. I did however lose things on the various legs of my travels. That's where the Freeman Transport Pouch Set will come in handy for my next trip. I lost a book, toothpaste, phone charger, and random little things. The pouch set would have held all of these perfectly, and in their own little worlds. I think digging for lost items in my bags, in turn made me lose more items. I'm ordering this right now.

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262 Teile, 38,93 Sekunden

262 Teile, 38,93 Sekunden from Splint on Vimeo.

Pretty cool.


Pristine Fixed Gear: Mission workshop Launch

Back from trip thinking about the next. This photo is from Pristine Fixed Gear's Mission Workshop Launch in Amsterdam. Jealous, I am. I will heading to Europe soon enough...

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Photo by Harold Pereira.

Rider Profile: Justin Kizzart

I am back. What a trip. More on that later. What better way to start the the New Year Profiles then with someone who will be taking over in the 2011. Justin, my homeboy. If you don't now his brand Knice, then get up on your game, son. I expect big things from my dude this year. Not only from his brand, but from the man himself. Race hard, my friend, the world is watching.