01 July, 2011

LA Native

Came home yesterday to find this chillin by my door. LA Native. Good shit.
I will rock this with pride. Thanks guys.

Here's their manifesto:
"Los Angeles Native is a clothes brand inspired by the City of Angels and it's streets we grew up on. We look to the local skaters, bikers, graffiti artist photographers etc. for inspiration. An L.A. Native can be anyone, you don't have to be born here, you just have to love the city of angels. The streets were our playground growing up as kids and to this day they are still our playground. We're simple people who simply love the city we live in. Be sure to keep an eye on us, we creep while you sleep!>;)"

I totally agree with this. I love LA. TOLA!

Splitting Lanes, Santurce

Splitting Lanes, Santurce from Manuel Vélez on Vimeo.

Love this. Split the lane, always.

Spied at Prolly

Via PRfixed

El Momento premiun de Ceci - Bike Polo from Luis Rafael Robles (Rafi) on Vimeo.

I saw over at PRfixed as well. Very nice!

COG in 16mm (finale)

COG in 16mm (finale) from COG Magazine on Vimeo.

Sad. Last one.

4th of July weekend in LA

What a weekend ahead! First up is kick off Crit for DTLA's Summer series!
I will be missing the first race tonight, foolishly scheduled a 2nd tattoo session
at the same time. I'm gonna hustle to DTLA as soon as it is over and hopefully
jump in on the 2nd race. Then we got BBQ's, races and Music events, the rest
of the weekend. Click on each flyer for details.