01 July, 2011

LA Native

Came home yesterday to find this chillin by my door. LA Native. Good shit.
I will rock this with pride. Thanks guys.

Here's their manifesto:
"Los Angeles Native is a clothes brand inspired by the City of Angels and it's streets we grew up on. We look to the local skaters, bikers, graffiti artist photographers etc. for inspiration. An L.A. Native can be anyone, you don't have to be born here, you just have to love the city of angels. The streets were our playground growing up as kids and to this day they are still our playground. We're simple people who simply love the city we live in. Be sure to keep an eye on us, we creep while you sleep!>;)"

I totally agree with this. I love LA. TOLA!


  1. haha...i totally printed these for those kids and they told me they was tryna get u one! Obviously them kids do work...!!

  2. Haha, we got to work Shert, we have a dream haha

  3. people from Louisiana are totally gonna rock this.

    And members of de LA soul