06 July, 2011

Ideum Apparel: Summerish Sale

Ideum Apparel hit me with their Summerish Sale flyer. Great deals going on.
T-shirts starting at $7!!! Swoop...

LDG X Hurley: Phantom 4D

Nate from LDG just set this over. The new LDG X Hurley Phantom 4D collaboration whip. Only 5 were produced,
you'll be able to catch them at select Hurley events, starting with the Salvation Malibu store opening event.

Read up and catch more photo details of the Collaboration here!

Levi's Commuter Launch: Orange20

This Saturday at O20, come celebrate the launch of the new cycling specific jeans and jackets,
by Levi's. I'm stoked! Should be a great time! Beer and Denim? In!

100 Copies: Pure Guts

Love it! Only 61 left out of 100!

Swoop here.

"All of the products you see here are limited to, as the name suggests, 100 copies and is labeled with the title and a unique edition number.
As such, no two copies are ever completely identical."


RHC MILANO from Pietro Malegori on Vimeo.

I only hope one day we could take our races on the road.

La Cerva

La Cerva from Rayyiu Radzi on Vimeo.

Drop bars and Track bikes. The best.

Cinelli x CMWC 2011 Warsaw Cycling Cap

Fuck, I want to go.

Swoop the cap here.

Fyxation: Logo T-Shirt

The homies over a Fyxation sent over this Jem and a heads up to get ready for new product coming out.

Swoop this Tee here for 12.95, and Congrats to Fyxation on two years of hard work!

Details from the guys:
"It’s hard to believe but it’s been 2 years to the day since we delivered our first tire (thanks Ben’s Cycle!). That may not seem that long to you but in dog years that’s 14, which means we’re almost old enough to drive and certainly old enough to have had our first beer. It’s been a fun and wild ride since then and we’re only getting started. Keep an eye on our site this summer for our new saddles, road tire, handle bars, stems and more!"