02 September, 2010


So good.

Keo Rock!

KEO ROCK from HHIIRROO on Vimeo.

Since he'll be here soon, this a great time to post this. Nice edit from Hiro.

BFF LA: Bikes rock!

Tonight, we rock.

Zlog Swag on

Oh man. What a party. I'm feeling pretty good for what happened last night. There was a mountain of PBR, we didn't even put a dent in it. Ugh. More for tonight... Saw everyone I loved last night, old friends, new friends, missed a couple of folks, but I'll see them this week. The art was great, amazing gallery, an awesome way to jump start the week. A minor scuffle, popped off at the gallery, some MR kids thought it was a good idea to play indoor soccer in the gallery, C'mon son, you can't do that, be real. Oh well. Bike people. We can't go anywhere. Hahaha. Then everybody bounced out to Short stop for the after party, good vibes the whole way. The highlight for me, was when the posse showed up. Nerd Crew was in full effect, we took that place like we owned it. So good. I'll post some more pics soon....

PS. Thanks for the Hat, Zach. Tonight, we will party.