28 October, 2010

New shops in LA!!!

This is one shop, I've been meaning to go check the shop out, and do the first TOLA! shop check on the shop. Homeboy, I'm coming, my weekends are hectic, but I'm coming. A lot of the Eagle Rock riders, I know, swear by this shop. I'm stoked they have a home away from home like I do with O20. Keep up the good work.
4120 Verdugo Rd
Los Angeles, CA, 90065

A new shop is opening in DTLA, DowntownLA bicycles.
Opening SUNDAY NOV. 7th 12-3pm, Stoked, I'll be there to check it out and give you the scoop. Mark your Calendars.

Personal Velocity

Personal Velocity Teaser from Jon Vatne on Vimeo.


This looks rad.

Rampart Stickers and Water Bottles

Get them at the Rampart.

Tim, when are the shirts coming out?


Week four of SOUND.WAVS. We got talent coming from SF, ZeZo One will be in the spot, we got My Boy Antirawker, who is burning a hole through the LA Dubstep scene. Plus Myself, and our residents Teams, Mega Dangle and Tiger Stripe!!! Be there, it's the second to last Thursday show before we switch to Saturdays!!!

BFF SF. Go to Mission Workshop tonight if you want to volunteer for this. We'll be coming up from LA, so you guys better make this shit pop.
*Photo by Joe Le Bewm

Thirsty Thursday rides tonight! The best ride in LA, hands down. This was the first route slip from two weeks ago, Simon has told me he's got something good cooked up tonight....
Meet at Goldline Chinatown train station at 830pm, (the corner of Spring and College) roll out at 9pm.

Collect them all!

Come At Me Brah! The Video

Looks it was fun set of events for the movie. Thanks for the support Hawaii, I miss you.

Congo at Encino Velodrome?

Yup, the big homie came out to the Wednesday night Clinic. Congo really held his own, and a few more sessions and he'll be killin it. See you next week!

*non-driveside, he wanted to show the sticker...