30 June, 2011

Cole goes APE S#*T!

Lil Homie from RYD. Big ups LA!

Le Tour: 2011

Yes! Where we watching this bitch?

Iggy's Last day as a Messenger

It's our good friend Iggy's last day as a Messenger today. He is moving to full time at 020.
We just wanna say Congrats and Good luck! If you see him in DTLA today, get him a beer!

Two Rabbits Studios: 4th of July Sale, BBQ and Group Ride

Two Rabbits are hosting a Sale/ BBQ/ Party at their studios this Saturday.

There will be Art for sale, Beer, Giveaways, Food, Bands, Art for Sale, and nothing but good vibes.

We will be hosting a group ride to the studio from Echo Park Lake.
Meet at 12pm at the Lady of the lake statue, rolling when we want too.
The Spoke Cards pictured will be given out at the ride.

The Brown bag is for street drinking in style, those will be for sale at the Studio.

The Two Rabbits support a lot of Cycling events and now it is our turn to support them.


*If you repost on FB or help promote on your own blogs/ websites, I heard there will be
something special for those who get the word out.

Email tworabbitsstudios@gmail.com and send them links to how you promoted for them.

**If enough heads show, we'll do sprints down the block for beers and cash.


The homies trip over to Indonesia for Fixed Fest. I want to see more, but what a great edit.
Nice work Matt!

Tom LaMarche x John Watson

Saw this over at Prorry's Jam and just had to share.
Great photo by John of Tom busting a huge gap, whilst other FGFS OG's watch. Nice.

*Photo by JW.

Outlier: 60/30 Chino in Field Green.

I want a pair. I need some nice traveling pants for my upcoming trip.

Details from Outlier:
"The Outlier 60/30 Chino in Field Green. Limited edition Independence Day release.

A superior chino. Simple, incredibly comfortable and well suited for the rain, grit and motion of real life. Pants you'll want to pull out of your closet and wear everyday. Lightweight, breathable and gifted with a true freedom of movement.

Outlier's 60/30 Cloth is a carefully considered blend of cotton (64%), micro-denier nylon (29%) and elastane (7%). It combines the comfort and good looks of a classic cotton khaki twill, but with the four way stretch freedom of a cycling short and the durability of a hiking parka."

San Francisco Totally Live!

San Francisco Totally Live from MACAFRAMA on Vimeo.

Macaframa has a nice treat for us this AM.

You can really see the love they have for SF. The city is fucking awesome and so are people who ride it.

Details from Maca:
"This was an Easter Egg we placed in the DVD. Some people say it doesn’t exist but if I remember correctly it’s somewhere on the Main Menu Screen. I edited this on day 8 of 8 with no sleep to send off the Final Cut and Extras to meet our already past due deadline to dvd mastering. Partially inebriated and most effectively sleep deprived, the edits are a bit sloppy, but without fail here is a montage of San Francisco B-Roll we accrued during the filming of Macaframa."

29 June, 2011

Lean wit it.

Great photo of Jason bombing in SF.

Seen over at Maca's Blog.

*Photo by Dylan Bigby

Summer series: DTLA and RTBL

Heads up, Summer Series racing is starting this week.

DTLA GPX 2011 starts this week, I'll update every Friday with Location of the crit.

Two Wednesdays from now, RTBL has Track racing at Encino! Sweet! ***Wednesday the 13th!***

Keep your eyes peeled here for more info!

Chrome: Tak Tees

Our friends at Chrome sent this over. Tak takes amazing photos of NYC messengers and events.
Chrome has made them in to a series of T-shirts.

Swoop here!

Pedal Consumption: Sale

Go get some sweetness over at PC!

NYC Critical Mass Documentary: Trailer

Know your history. If you want to help get this history out, this a kickstarter project.

28 June, 2011

Man at work.

The homie DK hard at work, or hardly working.

New colab coming from Cadence x Alive Athletics.

Ideum Apparel: The Others Experiment

Ya'll like to design t-shirts? Well, Ideum Apparel has a contest for you.

"THE OTHERS EXPERIMENT WAS CREATED TO BRING NEW ARTISTS AND designers to light that would not normally have the capability to print their own t-shirts. We don't want to put any restrictions on the design other then what we give ourselves, size & color. Basically with this competition we just want the best that others can do. Even beyond size & color requirements don't plagiarize, don't take someone else ideas or designs."

Check the rest of the details and where you submit here.

SF cargo bikes in LA.

I love John's bike. Free wheel Aerospoke, Schwinn Cargo bike. Six also ran a Romic Cargo fixie whip.
Inspired me to keep my eyes out for a Cetma rack or something like that. Ideas, anyone?

B.A.R.F. Bicycle Accident Relief Foundation: Tattoo Night

B.A.R.F. (Bicycle Accident Relief Foundation) had a Tattoo after party at True Tattoo,
just after the Fixation Screening on Thursday. Part of the dough from the tattoos goes
back into the fund to help uninsured cyclist who have been injured by cars or major accidents.
This is an on going benefit happening at True, so go get tatted for $60 bucks and help a good cause!

Fixation: Stars of the Film...

Ryan and I at our Screening. What a fucking fun weekend. The City came to LA,
and we had the best time. I gotta make it for the July 9th Screening, road trip anyone?

Chubby Boob: 100 Hang Tag Tuesdays!

Yay! 100 Hang Tag Tuesdays! Congrats my Nerds!

Swoop on this shirt here.

Leader x Retrogression: Ignition Tee

Our friends at Retrogression have teamed up with Leader for series of T-shirts.
This is the 3rd one in that series. I like! Has that old Comic book feel.

Swoop here
Check out the other two after the jump!

Myspace: Fixed Gears - What's in Your Space?

Good edit from our homeboy Chacon. Myspace? Whose gonna do the Facebook edit? LOL

TRAFIK // "To Live & Ride In LA" Screening

TRAFIK // "To Live & Ride In LA" Screening from Joshua Rainwater on Vimeo.

That was a party.

27 June, 2011

Donhou Track Bike - BIKE PORN!


Reynolds 853 standard size tubes, dropped seat stays, sleeved and C notched chain stays, hand cut seat tube support and a custom fillet brazed bar/stem combo.



Fixation: Devon's Re-cap...

Video Round Up.

Albert Edit from LA Brakeless on Vimeo.

These should keep you busy at work today.

Photo's from TL&R!

We out Here!

Get yours here!

Dolores Park Delivery Demon

We had fun switching around wheelsets this weekend...

TOLA in the LAweekly...

What an epic weekend. I am beat to death, I forgot my Camera at home, so those posts
will have to wait. Both Screenings were amazing. Fixation killed it. I'm very proud of Alex's Movie,
and how great all the riders and cities came off in it. TL&R was a good time, and it was awesome
getting together with everyone and talking about the next steps, to get LA the props we deserve.

Speaking of Props, here's an interview with Keo and I, that the LAweekly posted last week!

Oh, SF was in the house for weekend, and I think we showed them how LA does it.


23 June, 2011

LDG: The Hammer

The Hammer has been released by LDG. This thing looks like a Tank.

Over a year of solid development, a dozen molds and multiple geometry changes we are glad to say that we now have our Hammer Framesets and Tank Forks are now officially available and in stock!

Each frameset comes standard with 14MM rear dropouts and CNC machined axle guides to accept 14MM, 10MM, or 3/8” rear hubs via our stainless steel inserts. The Tank Fork also comes standard with 14mm fork dropouts, including interchangeable 9mm inserts.

Our machined rear axle guides ensure a solid fit and precise alignment to your wheels, no matter what size hub you are running. Both the rear ball tensioner and CNC machined inserts have been mil-spec hard anodized (Type III) to provide superior resistance to abrasion and greater coating density than traditional anodizing.

LDG Hammer Frame: $449.99
LDG Tank Fork: $199.99
LDG Hammer Frameset: $599.99

To place an order, please call our retail store 714-374-0900, or email us at info@ldgruppe.com for assistance. We ship worldwide.

Frame Sizes:
Small, Medium, Large

Frame & Fork Colors:
Raw, Matte Black, Matte Olive

• Negative BB Drop
• Investment Casted Dropouts with CNC Machined Ball Adjusters & Axle Guides
• Gusseted Chainstay
• Top Tube & Down Tube Gusseted
• Mid BB
• Integrated Head Tube
• Full CNC Head Tube & Bottom Bracket
• Rolled tubing on seat tube
• 14mm Rear Dropouts
• 60c / 2.1+ Tire Clearance

To Live & Ride in LA: DVD Review

Rick got me my "rider" copy of the DVD last night. I watched it. That summer
was amazing and those some of those guys are the best dudes ever. That summer
really meant a lot to the new kid on the block, so happy to have captured on film.
You all should go out and buy the DVD, mostly for the extra features!
That's where my section is and Joe is also all up in there too.

See you Guys Saturday!

Jakarta Fixed Fest 2011

Jakarta Fixed Fest 2011 from faz adhili on Vimeo.

We need more edits from this!

Black & White


Fixation: It's a Party! Tonight!

Two films on LA cycling dropping in one week. Pretty fucking cool.
I am hype for tonight and hope to see all of you there. We have SF riders from
film in town and I am stoked to be hosting them for the weekend. Come out,
party and see what we did on the big screen. Thanks to Alex, I might be
more nervous then you! Here the FB event page!

FIXATION Official Trailer from Alex Trudeau Viriato on Vimeo.

22 June, 2011



I miss living in Hawaii.

Buy a shirt for a good cause.

A few weeks ago, I bought this shirt at an event and totally spaced on who I had gotten it from. The printer hit me up,
and actually came over to my house. He gave me this shirt in the photo above. The very first
shirt he had ever printed. It was a thank you for giving his shirts props on the blog. His name
is Felipe and he will selling more shirts at the "To live & Ride in LA" screening this week. He was
on the ride that got hit last week. Everyone should by a shirt from Felipe at the event, the money
will be going back to the victims. He told me the story of being there and watching his homies get run over.
Hard to hear about. My heart goes out to Felipe and his crew. My deepest thanks for such an awesome gift.

Road Runner bags: Review

A few weeks ago, Brad from Road Runner bags hooked me up with a hip bag and
cell phone pouch. Now comes my two cents on them.

Fixed Fest 2011: Results

Good to at least some of USA guys came away with wins! Congrats!


Three years of Zlog: Sale

Congrats Zach, here's to many more years! Head over to Zlog for a sale!

Wolfpack Hustle. LA Marathon Crash Race ll: BFF

Big week for LA and Cycling films...

See the Crash Race ll if you are in NYC for the BFF!

21 June, 2011

Congo jumps ship

The big guy has left Volume to go ride for LDG... Power Move? Already updated his FB,
with himself riding the LDG Hammer. We wish him the best!

From Volume:

"Our long time Volume supporter and team rider, Justin “Congo” Mitchell will no longer be riding for Volume. He has decided to take another offer that came his way. Congo had a large amount of influence on many of our past, present, and future Volume fixed products and we are thankful for everything he has done for us. He will still be riding for our sister brand, Resist, where he has his signature bars coming out next month. Everyone at Volume wishes Congo the best of luck in the future!"

Dedication, He has it.

If you didn't know the RAAM is going on right now. I have been keeping tabs on it, as I am truly
fascinated by this race. These guys are fucking nuts and are the gnarliest racers out there.
3000 miles in less then Seven days. WTF.

Alberto Banco is in 3rd place when this photo was taken.
He has covered 1706 miles, 4 days, 17 hours, 55 minutes, average speed 14.98 mph

From the RAAM Blog.

Chu 2011 Bike Check & 1st edit

Hong Kong Rider - Chu 2011 Bike Check & 1st edit from K Birdie on Vimeo.

Clean. Style and the music goes great.



Umbrella had a pop up this past Saturday at the Gravel.pit.
Fun night of Dubstep and Streetwear for skateboards!
I got hooked up with a fitted to show my support.

Thanks dudes!

To Live & Ride in LA: DVD has been released!

Finally! What a crazy ride it has been. We all have been waiting for this film to drop.
Me more then anyone, I can finally see my part on the DVD extra features! LOL.
While it is out on itunes, I encourage all of you to get the DVD, so you can see me,
and the rest of the 40 mins of extra footy!

20 June, 2011

BMX on Moving train car

I saw this on SFFIXED. DOPE!

photo by

Feature: Jack Twachtman

Feature: Jack Twachtman from One Spark on Vimeo.

Our homeboy from Florida and Burro Bags. Nice interview, great insight.

Fixie Picnic Weekend FPW2011

"Fixie Picnic Weekend" FPW2011 vid from VM PROJECT on Vimeo.

We need more events like this... or just events like this.

Smithfields Nocturne Elite Criterium Cycling Race

Smithfields Nocturne Elite Criterium Cycling Race - London 11 June 2011 from martin wollny on Vimeo.

Now that looks like a party.

Le Bike Polo

PORTRAITS DE FIXÉS - Le Bike Polo from emiliedesir on Vimeo.

Le Polo!

Chubby Boob: Swag

New shit. Go get it at the Gravel.Pit.

Shop Dog: GSC

Stella is the shop dog at GSC. She loves to wrestle. Go say hi.

Expresso Pedal

Expresso Pedal from Sergio Caldas on Vimeo.

Caught this over at PC. Wish I understood Portuguese...

Welcome home to Patrick BTW!

Expo Bike path: The Buildup, Part ll

Last Friday, I wrote on the Expo Bike Buildup. Not much had really happened since taking that photo
over a week ago. I turn the corner this morning and Bewm! Bike path! So stoked, it's ride able,
so I rode it! Fun times. As I write this the city is adding irrigation for all the wonderful landscaping
that will be running alongside it. More photos to come as it progresses. Nice work LA.

17 June, 2011

ZLOG Crew Portland Day Shred

ZLOG Crew Portland Day Shred from chris clappe on Vimeo.



Expo Bike path: The Buildup, Part 1

In LA, there has been on going construction on a new MTA line. The Exposition line.
It runs from USC to almost Venice/ Robertson. It cuts right in front (above) of work. A side project,
Expo Bike path runs along side it ( and is super close to my house). The Buildup of the path is finally
hitting my work. The Bike path is ten feet from our doors, and I have been watching it get built.
I have had plans of taking a photo a day, so you guys could see the process. What you
see here, is what they got done in one day! I was stoked, I thought it would be finished
in like four days, then would have a great commute to work. Newp, I took this photo over a
week ago. Nothing new since. I'll update as things happen...

Rapha SFCC: Chris King Exhibt

I wish I could be there for this. Meet Chris King this Sunday 11am-1pm and Nerd about bikes.

Actual Pain: Swag

This package was waiting for as well the other day. Actual Pain, is having a %40 off
sale and I swooped on these jems. So stoked!

16 June, 2011

Josh Boothby - For Star Nectar

Big ups to Keo Rock for showing me this


Garage Race Praha

Garage Race Praha 19.3.2011 by Funbikes from Funbikes on Vimeo.

Now that looked like a fun event!!!

Marquee: SKMBG

Marquee was another package waiting at my door yesterday. Their SKMBG snapback
is my new favorite hat. So good. It came with a ton of stickers.
Thanks guys, I'll wear it with pride.

Nigel Sylvester - All Day Sessions: 1 & 2

I need a BMX, just to fuck around with.

Bern: G2

I came home yesterday to several packages. One of them was from Bern.
A new G2 helmet to try out. I'm gonna find a helmetless rider to check this
for us. Get an opinion of someone who has never had a helmet and fucking needs one.
After last night, everyone should be aware that anything can happen on the road,
at any given time.

Thanks Bern!

Hyperion Old Time Jam

Hosted By the best band in the world! Triple Chicken Foot.

Fb Event Page

LA: Car slams into cyclists; one critically injured

photo by: Magnus Sheen Nihilus

Eleven bicyclists were injured, one critically, after a car drove into their group early Thursday morning near the border of Culver City and Los Angeles, officials said.

The 27-year-old driver of the car was arrested and investigators were looking into the possibility that she had been drinking, said Officer Rosario Herrera of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Please if you drive, don't text or use your phone. especially if you've been drinking.

source and more: LA TIMES


1st Place
-$100 Cash money
-Clear coat for full frame with custom pearl from Ubes Ice Cream Shop

2nd Place
-60% of entry fee

3rd Place
-40% of entry fee

Plus more prizes from sponsors for the winners. Plus a raffle !

-Food and Drinks will be provided after the race at the finish location !


Here are the results from the Global guts race in SF. Big ups to Sarah Murder @ PUSHBIKE For letting me hang out and chill at her spot. (It was one of the check points)

Results / Time :
Justin 42:04
Anton Bennett 42.57
J.B. Davis 43.14
Sardine 44.14
Carlos Balam 45.18
Edward Daniel Orellana 48.02
Christoph 51.28
Jeremiah 52.29
Dewey 53.47
Mansour (sp) 56.74
Kell Mckenzie 61.26
Nathaniel Michaels 73.96
Adrianna 97.42 First Female/ DFL

photo by john daniel reiss