08 March, 2011

Keirin: Speed Racers

Keirin: Speed Racers on Nowness.com.

Pretty cool short film. Amazing racers, story, and beautiful bikes. Someday, I'll get there, and see for myself.

Via Nowness, by way of Juan.

The fastest cat in town

ASPHALT CPH: JUMBO - The fastest cat in town. from Director René Sascha Johannsen on Vimeo.

Nice moves.

The Mistress

The Mistress from Mistress on Vimeo.

Great edit, a very lovely bicycle. Zach, it's perfect for Tandem Tuesday's!

Apparently, it's the the world's first Tandem Gravel Racer bicycle. I would love to know more...

Emerald Sprints

Homies! I hope to see some of you soon...

iMinusD: Minute Mondays - Hellyer Park Velodrome

I like these Monday Minute edits. Good work form iMinusD.

Lord of Griffith lll

June 5th. Get those legs ready, it's gonna be brutal. No shortcuts, I promise. Just climbing misery. Fixed only.
Deets to follow.

Speaking of Bar Tape...

Got my Cadence cloth tape in the mail. Super stoked! I'll show you guys the finished products in a few days.

Simon's Bars

Rode around with Simon and Juan on Sunday. Simon had these rad Heat treated Nitto riser bars.
He cut them down to the perfect size. What really impressed me, was that he got Omar to harlequin wrap the bars.
So clean looking, I love that it's only one color, and the bars felt so comfy. Nice work.

DVS x Cadence: Keirin pack

Finally, I got mine. Great timing, as I am about to rebuild the Felt, and it'll have Toe clips and straps.
Now I can ride in all of my sneakers again. However, more then likely, I will get clipless for the Felt really soon.
It's hard to back, but I'll rock it for a little while.

DVS x Cadence