13 September, 2010

Zlog BFF edit

Lots of bangers in there. That was a fun week and awesome day. I'm still recovering...
Zach, it was a pleasure to meet you finally. Some day we'll ride, I'll be up soon but I'll be seeing you at Interbike?



Hern threw a race Yesterday! It was epic. 85miles. Santa Barbara to Santa Monica. 50 people raced! I couldn't race due to medical issues, (Upcoming Post) it was great seeing everybody. I hope the party was awesome, couldn't stay due to.... Well, you know.

Results: (copied from LAfixed)
1 Brian D
2 Bud
3 Victor
4 Illy
5 Mannuel
6 XMikeX
7 Rilo 1st fixed
8 Daman 2nd fixed
9 Matt 3rd fixed
10 xBrianx 4th Fixed
11 Ron H
12 Bicikiller
13 Sean M
14 Fabian 1st 18/under Geared
15 Andrew B 5th fixed
16 Sammy (He did a Time trial before the race so he get's #1 in my heart)
17 Riccardo
18 Edgar
19 Dan
20 Tyler Durden (John) 6th fixed
21 John M 7th Fixed
22 Sasha 1st Girl
23 Kyle TRACKO! 8th fixed
24 Carlos 9th Fixed 1st 18/under Fixed
25 Johnny
26 Ace
27 Adam
28 Ash
29 Jerome 10th fixed
30 Nolem
31 Chris N 11th Fixed (SF represent!)
32 Sancho 12th Fixed
34 Julio 13th Fixed
35 Robbie L 14th Fixed
36 Omar Poopoopeepee
37 Shaqq
38 T mag 15th Fixed DFL!!

Good Job Guys!

We got our Passes....

Get yours yet?

Update: Media center will have fresh baked cookies everyday for us media types. Prolly, Zlog, Tracko, let's do lunch.


My dude. He takes the best photos. Check out all his stuff here.

So Good.

I love these posters...
Some of the best quotes, from guys on bikes...

Get em here.



stayloosen present volume thailand from codepralad on Vimeo.

Why isn't PK in here?

Via Zlog

“LOL” BMX Hurdle Jam

LOL JAM 2010 from yoni arava on Vimeo.

Gives me an idea....