30 July, 2010

It's time for a change.

Blood-In Press Conference from Rick Darge on Vimeo.

Please share.

The Shadow Conspiracy: Step bros...

The Shadow Conspiracy - Step Bros. Edit - Ben Hucke/Caleb Quanbeck from Shadow Conspiracy on Vimeo.

Dope. This really makes me want to go to Seattle.


This is how all races should end.

So sick. So good.

Photo by my Homie, Devon Tsuno

DTLA Summer Series: Race 5: Results

What a month of Thursdays! A big thanks goes out to my homies from DTLA, for holding down another awesome summer series! Thanks to Boo-Boo for organizing the racers, Pork for for handling their safety, and Ash, well, for being Ash! Good shit last night. The Fixed gear group had to do 20 laps around Echo park lake, once they completed their first 5 laps around the Roadies, jumped in the mix to do the last 15 laps. Brutal, it's a little over a mile a lap. (20+ miles!) We had an amazing ending to the Fixed group, a real fight to the finish. The sprint at the end was epic, with the winner, crossing the line, by a half wheel length. Fucking sick.

29 July, 2010

The Mayor of LA on a fixie...

This is great, I'm sorry you had break your elbow in eight places, Mister Mayor, and we wish you a speedy recovery. Just please hold true to what you are saying, and let's make Los Angeles a Cycling City. It can be done!

Cog Issue 9

Cover Art by Dustin, thanks for the love on Cadence!

Swooped from Tracko, what's going on over there? I'm gonna come by the shop today, to make sure you're okay.

Wheelmen & Co x I love dust

Another solid release from The Wheelmen & Co Pick one up today!

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Hella Tight

I'm super stoked to have Hella Tight sponsor "The Lord of Griffith Two" this year. These hats are the shit. Extremely well made, great designs, mostly based on California Culture. This is the second race Hella Tight has sponsored for us, and it stokes me out that they are very down with what we are doing, I'm proud to rock their caps, and so should you. Come out and win one or order one online. Thanks Josh!

28 July, 2010

Michael Chacon

Michael Chacon NEW EDIT!!! from Michael Chacon on Vimeo.

Nice edit from the young Jedi...

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Knog

Knog, you're the best. The raddest looking lights there are, hands down. I even have one of your N.E.R.D. computers amongst the sets of knog lights my house owns. This is also the second year they have sponsored the "The Lord of Griffith Two", and lemme tell you, there are some goodies for you guys to win... But if not, go support your LBS and pick up some Knog lights, it's the law. Thanks to my brothers from down under for supporting our races!!!

Mission Workshops: The Monty

Another awesome bag from our friends at Mission Workshops, The Monty! A scaled down version of The Shed, if it's anything like The Shed, it's gonna be good. Nice work fellas, keep it up! Maybe Cell phone/ radio holders next? Please?

Here's the deets on The Monty

A messenger bag for the nimble, the Monty is a small utility bag for those who want to stay light and get through the city fast.

Completely weatherproof construction
Rolltop cargo compartment
Quick-access outboard pockets
4 internal zippered pockets
Aluminum hardware
Reversible Shoulder strap for left or right wear
Detachable cross-chest stabilizer
Water-resistant urethane coated zippers
Made in America with a lifetime warranty

Measures - 16'' x 10'' x 5''

DTLA Summer Series: Race 5

Tomorrow is the final race of the series!!! Make sure you come out to this, it's an amazing course and there will be tons of great viewing spots. I really want to give a huge amount of props to Boo-boo, Ash, Pork and the rest of DTLA's Finest for an awesome month of races! Thanks my dudes, you did an amazing job!!! Come out tomorrow, and show your support, you guys are what make us want to throw races!

Here's the deets from my homies from DTLA!

DTLA GPX 20X (The Annual DTLA Grand Prix!)
5 Crit Series - 1 Crit Each Thursday in July!

July 1st - The "S" Drop
July 8th - Ellusyan Loop
July 15th - L.A. River Dash
July 22nd - Dewap Loop
July 29th - The "Monster" of Eho Park Lake

Race#5 - The "MONSTER" of Eho Park Lake
(Multi-Group Kriterium)
Road and Fixed Category
0.85 miles
Laps - ???
Process of Elimination Style

(Click Below for Course Map)
The MONSTER of Echo Park

Meet @ 7:00 pm on the corner of
Glendale Blvd. / Santa Ynez (Echo Park)

(Click Below for Resgistration)
"The Block" (Where the duckies are posted up)


After each race, announcements and prizes will be held at:
Little Joy's
1477 W. Sunset Blvd.
Echo Park

$3 PBR's all night! (Inflation!)

As always...brought to you by:
Downtown's Finest & 13Skids!

To All Racers, this Thursday race will be held at the Beautiful Echo Parke Lake. We have only raced the lake twice before (2007 All Messenger Race "Echo Park Lake MONSTER" & 2009 All Ladies Race "LAP DANCE"). This year we have again change the name of the course because the style/amount of racing will be different compared to previous years. The course is tight and dangerous so we're going to split the amount of racers into groups. Eventually we will end up with one group (group will consist of winners of initial group races). Races will begin immediately, one after another. Before the final race, final competing racers will have a fair amount of time to rest and drink a red bull or beer, which ever you prefer.

Spectators, please continue to come out. This will be our final Crit for the Summer. We will have a great view from Start/Finish Line (NASCAR Style). I have a feeling, we'll be seeing another great sprint finish.

If LAPigD do happen to show up, please let's be courteous and maintain order!
Keep your beers in paper bags!

27 July, 2010

D.A.M.P. Contest

D.A.M.P. is looking for a new FGFS team rider and the homie Zlog is helping, he put together this flyer and here is a
link to more deets on the contest. Plus the Frames are built in Sweden, so there is no way I couldn't support this... I really want an Earbread frame. Fucking sick looking. Hey guys at D.A.M.P., I'll be out in Sweden next summer, lets ride.


Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: SWRVE

I love SWRVE. I have a pair of their knickers and they probably are the best riding pants I own. Almost everyone who is an everyday rider in LA, owns at least one pair of SWRVE shorts or jeans or knickers. They are really that good. I'm so happy to have them back again as sponsors of the "The Lord of Griffith Two". The best thing about SWRVE (besides good product) is that it's made in DTLA, so you can order online or head DTLA to the cutting room floor to pick up your goods. Thanks guys, you rock!

Look what a Little bird sent me...

So two weeks ago LAB hosted the Summer Fix, and what a fun weekend! Thanks a lot guys! A certain World Famous Tarck biking Blogger/ Internet Celebrity from New York came down to ride and judge the trick comp. Well, he left his bike in LA and had the LAB ship it back to him... Lets just say, they made sure it was well packaged for the trip home... Enjoy.

Velocity Halo reflective rims

Pretty cool, Velocity has teamed up with Halo Coatings to create a powder coat that reflects bright white when struck with direct light, but are graphite in color in the day light. Fucking sick. I'm gonna try to get these for "Lord of Griffith Two " as Prizes.

Available in these hoops
Dyad : 700c : 32H 36H : MSW/NON-MSW
Fusion : 700c : 32H : MSW/NON-MSW
Deep V : 700c : 32H 36H : MSW/NON-MSW
B43 : 700c : 32H : MSW/NON-MSW
Cliffhanger : 26″ [559] : 36H : MSW/NON-MSW
Aeroheat : 20″ [406] 26″ [559] : 32H : MSW/NON-MSW

Via Bike Rumor

Product Review: The Shed: First Impressions

I came home to a nice surprise yesterday evening. The guys over at Mission Workshop sent me "The Shed" to write a review on. (thanks Homies) While that review will be be up in few weeks, I thought I would give my first impressions of the bag.

26 July, 2010

Blood in Press Conference

Last week I wrote this post (please check it out so you know the deets) Some friends decided to do something about it. Everyone who rides should come out this. Everyone I know, who rides has been hit by cars or has had friends hit by cars, and most of the time the person doesn't stop. That has to change. Tomorrow is your chance to be heard.

Here's what they want and need from you. The link to the FB event from whence it came. See you there.
Judge Elden Fox went out of his way to give the defendant a better sentence than even the plea bargain offered by the prosecution in the Birdman case. The defendant in this case was drunk and turned left and crossed Louis' path and he slammed into the side of the car with such force he broke his legs and jaw and left embedded teeth in her car. But The issue is not the collision as horrifc as that was. The issue is that she made the decision to leave the victim in the street for dead. This is NOT about the individuals in this case. This case is merely a drop in the bucket we are coming to learn.

That same decision is made many tImes over by drivers across the city and state. Why would people be so heartless? The reason is as clear as Judge Elden Fox's sentence in the Birdman case. No jail, she can still drive to "work," 90 days community service. Drivers know that it is worth the risk of getting caught for fleeing the scene because the justice system time and again hands drivers light punishments to opportunistic and frankly evil people. People who simply decided that a cyclist is not worthy of their trouble. People who would leave someone to die and or be stuck with huge hospital bills if they live.

Still, this is not about the people who are running, this message isn't some kind of bid to repeal the "slap on the wrists" of the past. This is a plea to the city and state to DO something and provide a solution to the carnage in the streets by providing the proper disincentive to run. Cyclists and pedestrians need more legal protections and we need more vigilant investigation by law enforcement and prosecution by the judicial system. Now.

More about the birdman case here:

Are you angry yet?

In response to the seemingly endless slap on the wrist soft on crime approach of our legal system we are staging a BLOOD-in at the Los Angeles county courthouse in Beverly hills.

Let's make a statement beyond good taste. Because this city's legal system is beyond bad taste.


L A County Courthouse:
Dept 400, 9355 Burton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3619

We will be holding a press conference and getting all bloodied up for it because people need to SEE with their own eyes what is happening in the streets.

We will be dousing ourselves in movie blood and speaking about the injustice of our legal system which seems to not give a fuck about cyclists' safety.


Anyone who has ever been a victim of

-hit and run
-poor law enforcement treatment after a collision
-poor treatment or slap on the wrist scenario by court system

-Anyone who knows of someone who was killed.

Every single one of you should make a public comment.

I'm looking for make up artists to give us all a good bloody distasteful make over.


-MOVIE BLOOD. either we find a donor or we find out how much we need and how much it costs and take up a collection. We need enough to dump the shit all over ourselves and all over the steps of whatever public building we march on.

-Make-up artists could be pro's could be ourselves. lets make it look real.
-press people

The time is now. Aren't you people sick of this shit already?

Every time a driver gets a slap on the wrist it misses an opportunity to save lives. ARE YOU NEXT? DO YOU GIVE A FUCK?

L A County Courthouse:
Dept 400, 9355 Burton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3619

Get Directions
(310) 275-3176

The Wizard's bike got stolen...

Marvin is a ripper, and his bike got stolen at yesterday around 3pm at Houghton Skatepark in Long Beach, CA, it was taken from behind while he was fixing someones chain for them. Pretty fucked up. The whole thing it's Marwin's PK Ripper Prototype, so it should be recovered quickly, just keep an eye out.


Finger banging all the way to a win! Congrats!

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: House of Commons

You might know them as one of the sponsors of Macaframa, or maybe have raced one of their street races, or perhaps have seen Joe rise through the Cat racer ranks, really fast lately (congrats on making it to Cat 3!) in his HOC kit. In any case the House of Commons is down for us. Amazing shop, great product, (bring back the Carabiners!) and really supports the cycling communtity on all levels. Keep up the good work Joe! Hope your First Cat 3 race went well this weekend, it was good seeing you, and I'll see you in SF some time!

PS. This is Second time HOC has sponsored the "The Lord of Griffith" (notice a pattern, yet?) Thanks Homie, I can't wait to run it. So, if you want to win some really rad designs, come out and race or get online (or to SF) and buy some shit!

25 July, 2010

The Ratio of the Beast

So Good!

I saw this over at PC and had to share, thanks!

Art by Art by Gavin Strange.

23 July, 2010

Seattle Happenings this weekend

Go race this. It's an awesome race, that I wish I could be there for. Big ups to Go means Go, for putting on such awesome events! I'm coming up soon and I hope something will be going on when I get there. Please.

Rebel 8

Who wants to go?

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: One Fixed

What can I say about the homie Vic from One Fixed? He is fucking awesome. He has supported so many of our races, has screen printed the winning shirts for one race, custom designed one for the LAfixed winter ride, and has supported races all over the country. I'm very happy to have him back again, as a sponsor of "The Lord ll". Show the homie some love and pick up a shirt or two or come out and try to win one! Thanks Vic, you rock!

PS. The Reflective hoodie is the most comfy thing I own, and is super nice to ride in. You should Swoop on that.

DTLA Summer Series: Race 4: Results

Another amazing turnout for DTLA finest!!! So many people watching these racers go head to head. So, good. Another big round of thanks to our homies from DTLA. Boo-boo, as always reining everybody in and making sure shit is on lock. Nice work. Thanks to Pork again for blocking traffic, I think you like it homeboy.. Congrats to Tony Z for winning the roadie race! All three of these races went right to the wire, sprints at the end, so good. Nice work everyone!

22 July, 2010

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: Cognition Caps

So this is the first of many Sponsor Profiles for "Lord of Griffith ll"

Cognition Caps, out of Madison, WI! These are, hands down the best under helmet or just Cycling Caps, I have ever come across. They look great, fit perfectly with a helmet. A Very comfy cap. The one that I own, I've had for well over a year, heavy use and it still looks brand new. (the whole reason why I approached them in the first place, a friend sent one to me before 'Lord l") I love it, it's one the of few cycling caps that I own, that gets the most props from non-riders as well as riders. This is the second year the homies at Cognition are sponsoring the "Lord Race" and I hope they stick with me every year. Please order one or come out and try to win one! Thanks Lyle and Kelly, you're the best!


A day out with Mårten from Boonphotography on Vimeo.

Sweden!!! So rad! Great edit. I'll be heading over there next year for my Cousin Andy's wedding!!! Then I'll be touring Sweden by Track bike, any takers?

Via Locked Cog

21 July, 2010

Totally fucked.

I was trying to come up with a way to post this story for some time now, I'm at a loss for words, so I'm just gonna link these two stories from BikesideLA. He puts it in better words then I ever could. When will the time come that motorist's are held accountable for their actions? I sick of hearing about hit and runs, and horror stories like what happened to Birdman. I have been hit, run over many times, and only once has the driver stopped, and she stopped because she turned into her drive way right after nailing me. There has to be end to this. How can you drive away, knowing that you just hit a fellow human being with your car? I don't understand.

DTLA Summer Series: Race 4

Deets from our Homies from DTLA!
Race#4 (Group Criterium)
Road and Fixed Category
0.63 miles
Laps ???

(Click Below for Course Map)

Meet @ 7:00 pm on the corner of North Figueroa at Diamond St.

(Click Below for Meet Spot)
Registration Spot


After each race, announcements and prizes will be held at:
Little Joy's
1477 W. Sunset Blvd.
Echo Park

$2 PBR's all night!

As always...brought to you by:
Downtown's Finest & 13Skids!

To All Racers and Spectators, this Thursday we'll be going back to Downtown LA to continue with the tradition of the DTLA Grand Prix Summer Series. We haven't held any races this summer in Downtown because of the heavy police presence and past conflict with them. So if all goes well, the Dewap Loop, will be our next race this Thursday. If LAPigD do happen to show up, please let's be courteous and maintain order so that we can relocate to "Plan B" Keep your beers in paper bags!

20 July, 2010

Happy Birthday Juan!!!

This guy, is the best. One of the first if not the first rider I met upon moving to LA. I love him. Happy bday Big dogg! Come wish the big man a happy Bday at Red Lion tonight, 930pm.

19 July, 2010

Lord of Griffith ll

You have been warned. Stay tuned for Sponsor highlights as the date gets closer. I will say this, if you raced the Chubby Boob Summer Games, this past Sunday you know half the course, but it's a lot more then that.

2010 Rumble Through the Bronx Alleycat

Rumble Through the Bronx 7 2010 New York from crihs on Vimeo.

Got this from Prolly. Wow, as an Alley cat racer, you can whatever you please to get to the finish, but trying to take out a fellow racer is just crazy and fucked up. While I wasn't there, (but would love to race this race) I'm not passing judgement on either party, just watch and judge for yourself. Other then that, what a fucking awesome video.

Summerfix Trick Jam

SummerFix Trick Jam from AMBUSHE on Vimeo.

What a weekend. Holy crap. I'm dead tired. So much fun, so much good riding, here's and edit from Andrew. Nice work. The trick was sick, riders were really throwing themselves around and breaking out some big moves. Fakie wheelie from Steven Jensen, Wonka's insane wallride, huge 180's from Jakob. Wonka won the jam, good job! Tony Z won the race! My legs hurt so bad from the race yesterday. Thanks to LAB for an awesome weekend, Chubby Boob, Tracko and big props to Ace for throwing an amazing race. I haven't race in more then a few months, and that was probably the best way to get me back into it. So hard. Everyone just looked defeated afterwards. It was a three mile climb up Mt. Hollywood, then a three mile descent down the backside, (crazy bombing skills were needed or a brake) then a three lap, four mile a lap crit, (a mile or so of climbing) ugh. I would be posting pics but I left my camera cord at home. Sad. I'm gonna write a more in depth post, once I get my pics downloaded. I'm sure the blog'o'sphere is going right now with pics and videos from the whole weekend, so I'm really not in a rush, but look for that.

1000th post!

It my 1000th post. Wow. Big thanks to my man Joe, for without him there be no TOLA! I'm really hype as what we have been doing and what we will be doing. Look for some big changes to the blog, coming soon! But, most of all, a really big thanks goes out to you guys, for supporting us, by reading our little blog and coming out to our events. Big shit is on the way, so get ready. TOLA!

16 July, 2010

This Weekend in LA

Holy crap, there's a lot going on. I'll see you at all of them.

Yes, I took Images from Prolly, and Tracko, but I'll be seeing them tonight and they can give me shit for it.

Scott Mcdougal at Velo Cult!

Scott McDougal performing live at Velo Cult Bike Shop in San Diego from Velo Cult on Vimeo.

I saw this over at Prolly's jam. Fucking awesome, Scott is a very good friend of my family and it just so happens to be his Birthday today! Happy Bday, Scotty!!!!

DTLA Summer Series: Race 3: Results

Alright, What can I say about last night? Wild. Best turn out yet! Great course. Big props to Ash (happy bday), Boo-boo and Pork for holding it down. Pork you get the bonus props for cleaning the course hours before the race started. Nice work guys! I promise to race the last few of the series, I don't know what i wrong with me... Anyways.. To this photo and the winner. (blurry I know, but I had to snap it fast) When you see JTR roll up, on his road bike, with his track bike strapped to his back, you know he's in it to win both races. While this was fucking awesome and the best entrance to a race I have seen, the racers (road and fixed) kind of collectively groaned at this sight. He stomped both races, back to back. What a beast. Congrats JTR!

15 July, 2010

Happy Bday Ace Boogie!!!

Happy Birthday my friend. Hope, it's a good one!!! If you don't know Ace, you should. One my best doods, in LA. Very talented on and off the bike. If he was working, I would say go to O20 and give him some love, but if you see him in the streets today, tell him I love him.


Mission Workshops: Art show Thursday (7/15) - BBQ and Beer

Rage! I really to need to come up and visit you guys, ya'll really know how to do it up. Joe, you better be going to this.

Here's the deets

Go to it, if you are in SF.

Bikes for Women's Independence.

Today the bicycle is mainly known as a recreational vehicle and is enjoyed by people in every corner of the world. But at its outset, this controversial machine forged roads into society that revolutionized politics, fashion, and social policy as well as paved the way for the mechanized world of motion to come. Victorian Cycles, Wheels of Change is a fascinating documentary about the bicycles coming of age and its tremendous impact on society. It is filled with images of a by-gone era, and the people who embraced its change.

So cool!

Zlog Snapbacks

So dope. I'm ordering one right now. I missed out these the first time.

Get it here

Nice looking hat Zach!

14 July, 2010

Get ready

Photo by Tyler Durden.

It's coming.


Really? This is what is happening now... Damn, I am blown away... but why that frame?

Via Milano Fixed

Just a discussion starter

This has already made the rounds... It's funny how fast shit flys on teh interwebs. Really though, I don't care about this anymore, LAB is about to host an amazing weekend of FGFS, Street racing, BBQ's, our Movie preview, and all of us with be in attendance. Internet blog Celebrities, Street racers, Trick gods, Normal everyday riders, all hanging out having a blast. Be there and let all this bullshit go. You ride a bike? Cool with me.

Via Beaver, Via PC, from SFGFC

Paul Smith Courier Bag x Rapha

Pretty ill, but is it functional and how much? This is one of those, from the bike to the boardroom bags, probably wouldn't hold up under everyday use... Good looking bag though.


Chubby boob Summer Games: Updated Flyer

I can't wait for this.

Here's the Deets from My Homeboy Ace, Via His Blog The Sleepers (which you should be following)

LAB was kind enough to include us in the
SUMMER FIX event which is a weekend full of
celebrating how much fun we can have on two wheels.

Three Stages!

1st- Meet at Fern Dell Entrance, mass start at
Fern Dell and Los Feliz to PEAK of Mt. Hollywood

2nd- Peak of Mt. Hollywood Drive to Griffith
Park Drive Gate.

3rd- 3 lap criterium around Travel Town/Golf Course.

There will be 10 minute breaks between races to allow
for gear changes at the top (if you have to). 10 minutes
start after last racer finishes. (the faster you are,
the more time you have to recuperate).

We need volunteers at so please send me a message if you
would like to lend a hand.

Should be a fun race. Let's show these out of towners a
good time at the Summer Fix event being thrown by LAB!

Course can be seen here.

CBNC Represent.

13 July, 2010

Wish x Mishka NYC x No Brakes “Get Pitted”

I like this design, but the "Get pitted' phrase is so big in LA. I understand the reference because it's a tee for the ATL (Peaches), but it translates to So Cal Culture as well. Nice. A launch event/bike race takes place on Saturday, July 24th, hopefully we'll see a flyer for that.

Via HighSnob

Burro Bags : Billboardbags

Burro bags have done it again. Go get one now, very limited quantities. Super stoked on these Burro bags and you can win one if you come race "The Lord of Griffith Two" (But, a one of a kind custom Burro Bag)

Acapulco Gold

This hat is not out yet, but I want it. Gotta wait till fall. Sad.

Acapulco Gold


DTLA Summer Series: Race 3

DTLA's Finest posted the route early this week, so I'm getting the ball moving as well. COME OUT. Not only is this fun to race, but also get for spectating. Racers really pushing themselves, folks cheering them on. Do it, without support, these events will stop happening. Then what the fuck do we do? We as event planners, race organizers, need to know we have support from our community. It's great to see (and I thank all of you) the same faces every time, but lets get some new blood out there. So come to the crit, and show DTLA's Finest that you love the things that they do. I thank you guys, for throwing this every summer, it fucking rocks. The best, and I will be racing this week. Bewm.

Here's the Deets from our friends from Downtown.

Race#3 (Group Criterium)
Road and Fixed Category
L.A. River Dash
2.98 Mile
Laps ??
Course Map

Meet Fletcher/Crystal
At the entrance of the River Bed
@ 7:00 pm
Meet Fletcher/Crystal at the River Bed Entrance

Racing will begin at 8:30pm

After each race, announcements and prizes will be held at:
Little Joy's
1477 W. Sunset Blvd.
Echo Park

$2 PBR's all night!

As always...brought to you by:
Downtown's Finest & 13Skids!

12 July, 2010

Tour de French Toast

This looks awesome, the epic weekend ahead just a little more epic. Thanks to our homies (and our bike club) at Hellajuiced (rad blog you should be following) there will a meet up and Tour de france watching breakfast this Sunday morning.

Here's the deets from our Pals!!!

Hello Bike Buddys,

Next Sunday The Juice Cycling Club will be hosting a breakfast in D.T.L.A. and watching Stage 17 of the Tour De France (one of the biggest climbing days of the tour). Come on down and bring $7 for waffles, coffee and other breakfast surprises. Bring your bike if you feel like going for a bloated bike ride through Griffith Park after the race. The Money we make will go to the Los Angeles Burrito Project, so forward this around and tell your friends to come too! Hope to see you guys.

Plus, I'm assuming the ride will end at the start of the Chubby Boob Summer Games (since most of the club is on that team or is hosting the race)

It's for a good cause and what else do you have to do on a Sunday? Ride bikes and eat food!!!

Chubby boob Summer Games!!!

The Nerd Crew is throwing a three stage race this Sunday for the Summer Fix. This is just the, "get you hype flyer" More deets and another to follow soon. Another weekend of fun in LA!!! I'm so happy to be apart of what has happened in LA the last few weeks. This coming weekend will be no exception. I feel so blessed to be apart of the Chubby Boob family, and ride for them as part of the bike team. Best group of dudes, a guy could ask for. So come out to race!!! Make sure you come to all of the weekends event. A ton of shit is going down. A teaser preview of the movie "to live and ride LA" (blessed to be apart of that team as well), trick comps, parties, bbqs, bike blog celebs, and internet heros will all be attendance....Be there.

Njs ride...

What a fun weekend, Threw a race on Saturday, then on Sunday, was blessed by homies at Quickpace, to play a small role in their hosting of the LAfixed Njs ride and bike show. When I say, people brought out the heat for this ride, it's not doing it justice. There were some amazing bikes, brought for this ride/ bike show. The fellows at Quickpace are creating a Photo book of the ride and bike show, so I thought I would just show my pics from that day, and leave the heaters for the book. Big shout out to all the Sponsors for the bike show, Orange20, qp, Tola!, Two Rabbits studios. Huge props go to Simon the Beast, and Mr. Quick from qp for really making this happen. Thanks for letting us be apart of it.

All you can eat Race: My Pics

36 racers, not too bad....

Mission Workshops: SPD Sneakers...

Saw this over at Prolly's Jam. Pretty Sick, can't wait to get my hands on a pair and see how these work. Great product, from a great group of dudes. Hi Rob, Joe Bring you that beer yet?

All you can eat Race: Results and Video...


Hot damn, what an awesome race! We had 36 racers on this past Saturday. Six checkpoints, pin pointed in the Historic Asian neighborhoods of Los Angeles, which at every checkpoint you had to eat a delicacy from that neighborhood. Ranging from cooked duck eggs, to sardines, to a veggie delite. The duck egg checkpoint, really slowed everyone down. It has a actual lil duck inside, and you had to eat or a run around the block. Wow, I would have taken the run, but luckily I threw the race, so I didn't have too. Hahaha. I wanna big thanks to Kevin at StrykerLA, for asking me to help him throw this race, big thanks to all the sponsors, Orange20, Clink Room, Fyxation, Royal Black, Images by Min, RideAD (thanks for the Rad Edit!!!, Knice, VeloPasadena, T-Level, StrykerLA.Thanks to the sponsors everyone got walk away with something, so much swag. Thanks Homies!!! I'm still uploading Pics from this weekend, so that will be a separate post later today. So much fun this weekend, thanks racers for coming out and supporting, you are what make this worth while!

1. Edgar
2. Riccardo
3. Black Daddy
4. Bud
5. Terry
6. Charles
7. Hern
8. Matt
9. Ash
10. Miguel
11. Carlos
12. Brain G.
13. Daniel
14. Kel
15. Jhonnel
16. Shag
17. Alanzo
18. Oscar
19. Frances
20 and above, lost track as we were getting the prizes ready. Good job!

Chubby boob Summer drop

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Nerd Crew.