16 July, 2010

This Weekend in LA

Holy crap, there's a lot going on. I'll see you at all of them.

Yes, I took Images from Prolly, and Tracko, but I'll be seeing them tonight and they can give me shit for it.

Scott Mcdougal at Velo Cult!

Scott McDougal performing live at Velo Cult Bike Shop in San Diego from Velo Cult on Vimeo.

I saw this over at Prolly's jam. Fucking awesome, Scott is a very good friend of my family and it just so happens to be his Birthday today! Happy Bday, Scotty!!!!

DTLA Summer Series: Race 3: Results

Alright, What can I say about last night? Wild. Best turn out yet! Great course. Big props to Ash (happy bday), Boo-boo and Pork for holding it down. Pork you get the bonus props for cleaning the course hours before the race started. Nice work guys! I promise to race the last few of the series, I don't know what i wrong with me... Anyways.. To this photo and the winner. (blurry I know, but I had to snap it fast) When you see JTR roll up, on his road bike, with his track bike strapped to his back, you know he's in it to win both races. While this was fucking awesome and the best entrance to a race I have seen, the racers (road and fixed) kind of collectively groaned at this sight. He stomped both races, back to back. What a beast. Congrats JTR!