08 February, 2011

So good.

I have enough to go around, so track me down.

These are the stickers I was talking about earlier, that came in the package from Retrogression. Love them.

Cadence: Canvas Jams.

Did I just find something to replace Van's Authentics *as a riding shoe*? I have to wait til Fall to find out...

The Footdown has the low down on all the Cadence, DVS, Cinelli Shoes coming out in the 2011, check it out. The Burgundy are a personal fav.

* edited for Angela*

Burro Bags: Variety

Varity-Burro Bags from L. Gustavo Cooper on Vimeo.

The homies over at Burro bags sent this along to showcase the Variety in their bags. I dig this video, great spot.
They made the Custom Lord of Griffith Bag for part two last year, I'm hoping to get one made for the ladies this year, hint, hint everyone. Bud, we need to talk, I hope you would like to pass along the bag to this years winner or defend your title and keep it. I'm all about racing traditions.

Burro Bags

Out Here

Edward Wonka LaForte's OUT HERE from Edward LAforte on Vimeo.

Good lord, please don't die Wonka.


Retrogression: Race sponsor package

Got the Race package from Retrogression yesterday, when I got home. A bunch of really awesome designed, good quality printed T-shirts and hats. You guys are gonna be stoked. What really struck me was the stickers, they sent a ton. One I fell in love with right off the bat, more on that later. So a sneak peek at the stickers, and you'll have to wait til race day to see everything else.

Check out Retrogression here.

TOLA! and Beaver Presents: The East West Smash Up: Part Duex

DOWN BY THE WEEP HOLE: The story of the Stupor Bowl

DOWN BY THE WEEP HOLE: The story of the Stupor Bowl from Nathaniel H. Freeman on Vimeo.

I have always wanted to do this race.

Pushbike love

It's Murder! Got this in the mail yesterday. A ton of Pushbike and Cadence stickers. Thanks Sarah, I will share these with the homies! See you in SF real soon!

Go check out Pushbike if your in SF!