26 July, 2010

Blood in Press Conference

Last week I wrote this post (please check it out so you know the deets) Some friends decided to do something about it. Everyone who rides should come out this. Everyone I know, who rides has been hit by cars or has had friends hit by cars, and most of the time the person doesn't stop. That has to change. Tomorrow is your chance to be heard.

Here's what they want and need from you. The link to the FB event from whence it came. See you there.
Judge Elden Fox went out of his way to give the defendant a better sentence than even the plea bargain offered by the prosecution in the Birdman case. The defendant in this case was drunk and turned left and crossed Louis' path and he slammed into the side of the car with such force he broke his legs and jaw and left embedded teeth in her car. But The issue is not the collision as horrifc as that was. The issue is that she made the decision to leave the victim in the street for dead. This is NOT about the individuals in this case. This case is merely a drop in the bucket we are coming to learn.

That same decision is made many tImes over by drivers across the city and state. Why would people be so heartless? The reason is as clear as Judge Elden Fox's sentence in the Birdman case. No jail, she can still drive to "work," 90 days community service. Drivers know that it is worth the risk of getting caught for fleeing the scene because the justice system time and again hands drivers light punishments to opportunistic and frankly evil people. People who simply decided that a cyclist is not worthy of their trouble. People who would leave someone to die and or be stuck with huge hospital bills if they live.

Still, this is not about the people who are running, this message isn't some kind of bid to repeal the "slap on the wrists" of the past. This is a plea to the city and state to DO something and provide a solution to the carnage in the streets by providing the proper disincentive to run. Cyclists and pedestrians need more legal protections and we need more vigilant investigation by law enforcement and prosecution by the judicial system. Now.

More about the birdman case here:

Are you angry yet?

In response to the seemingly endless slap on the wrist soft on crime approach of our legal system we are staging a BLOOD-in at the Los Angeles county courthouse in Beverly hills.

Let's make a statement beyond good taste. Because this city's legal system is beyond bad taste.


L A County Courthouse:
Dept 400, 9355 Burton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3619

We will be holding a press conference and getting all bloodied up for it because people need to SEE with their own eyes what is happening in the streets.

We will be dousing ourselves in movie blood and speaking about the injustice of our legal system which seems to not give a fuck about cyclists' safety.


Anyone who has ever been a victim of

-hit and run
-poor law enforcement treatment after a collision
-poor treatment or slap on the wrist scenario by court system

-Anyone who knows of someone who was killed.

Every single one of you should make a public comment.

I'm looking for make up artists to give us all a good bloody distasteful make over.


-MOVIE BLOOD. either we find a donor or we find out how much we need and how much it costs and take up a collection. We need enough to dump the shit all over ourselves and all over the steps of whatever public building we march on.

-Make-up artists could be pro's could be ourselves. lets make it look real.
-press people

The time is now. Aren't you people sick of this shit already?

Every time a driver gets a slap on the wrist it misses an opportunity to save lives. ARE YOU NEXT? DO YOU GIVE A FUCK?

L A County Courthouse:
Dept 400, 9355 Burton Way
Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3619

Get Directions
(310) 275-3176

The Wizard's bike got stolen...

Marvin is a ripper, and his bike got stolen at yesterday around 3pm at Houghton Skatepark in Long Beach, CA, it was taken from behind while he was fixing someones chain for them. Pretty fucked up. The whole thing it's Marwin's PK Ripper Prototype, so it should be recovered quickly, just keep an eye out.


Finger banging all the way to a win! Congrats!

Lord Of Griffith ll Sponsor Profile: House of Commons

You might know them as one of the sponsors of Macaframa, or maybe have raced one of their street races, or perhaps have seen Joe rise through the Cat racer ranks, really fast lately (congrats on making it to Cat 3!) in his HOC kit. In any case the House of Commons is down for us. Amazing shop, great product, (bring back the Carabiners!) and really supports the cycling communtity on all levels. Keep up the good work Joe! Hope your First Cat 3 race went well this weekend, it was good seeing you, and I'll see you in SF some time!

PS. This is Second time HOC has sponsored the "The Lord of Griffith" (notice a pattern, yet?) Thanks Homie, I can't wait to run it. So, if you want to win some really rad designs, come out and race or get online (or to SF) and buy some shit!