31 March, 2011

Oregon Manifest

Pretty cool, kind of want to go check it out. Any takers?

Oregon Manifest

The Oregon Manifest Constructor’s Design Challenge is a one-of-a-kind design/build competition, in which some of the country’s best custom bike craftsman and select student teams vie to create the ultimate modern utility bike.

FIRST, to inspire and foster real design innovation around a bike that recognizes the needs of modern living. SECOND, to celebrate and champion the resurgence of American craft—bicycle craft in particular. THIRD, to show riders and enthusiasts that a well-crafted bicycle isn’t just for sport and recreation, but can also be a tool integrating seamlessly into everyday life.

The two-wheeled revolution won’t come on the saddle of a race bike or a specialty bike. The utility bike is the transportation mode of the future for millions of Americans who want to live healthier, more sustainable lives, but don’t think of themselves as “cyclists.” The key to realizing this future is thoughtful, innovative bike design that fills multiple needs and fits into their lives.

Jen Whalen: Monstertrack 2010 portrait series

It's our homegirl, Jen at MonsterTrack! What up, girl?

Photo by Tak, go check out his blog here.

The Homeboy Tak has been capturing NY's messenger/ bike scene for many years,
and has been laying it down in a limited edition Zeroxed Zine. Now you can get one of those.

Deets from the Affinity Blog.
Tak will be donating his zine to anyone who donates $10.00 to the American Red Cross. Just simply go to redcross.org and click on dontate funds. Once you donate, forward the confirmation email to Tak at newyorkbikedreams@gmail.com and Tak will send you a copy of his zine (US only!!).

Pretty cool!

Reel WiP

Very nicely done. Fuck my new road bike, lets bomb hills!

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: Sheila Moon

This year I'm really trying to push the "Lady of Griffith' side of the race. I just got the Sheila Moon Prize package.
They really broke bread for you ladies. Almost $600 dollars worth of cycling gear is up for grabs for the females that race!
You got over two months to train and get ready for the epicness that is "The Lord of Griffith lll"...

Big thanks to Sheila Moon.

30 March, 2011

Burd Phillips x Chrome

Trackstand king.

LA vs. ATX lll

The homeboy Justin over at Fake Domain Name, sent over photos from their recent SXSW trip.
He and some fellow MR KIDs went over to rep LA. Looks like ya'll had fun. Thanks for the heads up.

Check out the rest here.

New project?

Spied over at Cadence. Does the director of Fast Friday and To live in ride in LA (DVD release soon), have a new project?

Fixation the Movie

Fixation is hitting the Film Festival Circuit. I can't wait to see it on the big screen. It was a blast filming for it,
and I'm continuing to help spread the word. There are five main riders profiled in the Film, so
leading up to it's screening, I'll be interviewing each rider on their experience while filming the movie.
Along with the Director and drivers who filmed us. Keep your eyes here for that. We also be working out a big race
to celebrate the Los Angeles Screening... Stoked!

Go like the FB page!!!

Forging of the Hammer

LDG dropped another photo essay and in depth article on their new trick frame.

Check out more photos here, and read up for yourself!

Deets from LDG:
• Negative BB Drop
• Investment Casted Dropouts with CNC Ball Adjusters
• Gusseted Chainstay
• Top Tube & Down Tube Gusseted
• Mid BB
• Integrated Head Tube
• Full CNC Head Tube & Bottom Bracket
• Rolled tubing on seat tube
• 14mm Front & Rear Dropouts
• 60c + Tire Clearance

Additional Details:
• Price: $399
• Estimated Release Date: 04.20.2011
• Sizes: Small, Medium, Large (Geometry to come in our next blog post)
• Colors: Raw, Matte Black, Drab Green

29 March, 2011

Oh, Canada...

Saw this over at Zlog. I have been to a couple of the Westside invites and it's a good time. Who wants to go up,
to Canada in May?

Deets from WCU Blog
The first annual West Coast Unvitational; a west coast bike messenger event in Vancouver, BC. This event is to commemorate the 10 year running of the Westside Invite held in Portland, OR from 2000-2010. We started the event in hopes that it can travel to a different West Coast city every year. Let’s get this rolling.


Pretty great video, awsome message, and very lovely music.

Thanks for the heads up Angel!

Devin Tolman: A Day in the Life

Devin Tolman: A Day in the Life from Jerry Gnarcia on Vimeo.

More edits like this. Please.

25 Years Later: A RADrospective

25 Years Later: A RADrospective from Marc Dewey on Vimeo.


Seen at Tracko

Sound.Wavs: Week Deux

Here's a great photo re-cap by the Boogie Monster. I got say, if you ain't making out to Sound.Wavs, you are a sad,
sad, sad person. It's a game changer, and it's only gonna get bigger. We feel blessed by the response we are getting, and
want to say thank you everyone who has supported us from the beginning, and to the all the new faces
coming through each week. It's getting crazy large. See you on the 9th of April for the next one.

*Photo by Ace, go check out the rest!

Return of the Viking

Return of the Viking from John Prolly on Vimeo.

Oh snap, Prolly does ride bikes... LOL. Nice work John, I'll be seeing you soon, in SF!

TOLA x First Impressions: Pant Guard

Got those Pant Guards from Japan in the mail yesterday. Quaility craftsmanship. Pretty comfy, when worn. Keeps the chain
off your pants, no need to roll one leg up. One lucky reader, will get one. Gotta come up with a contest...
I think I'll be hiding it somewhere in the city...

28 March, 2011

Kickflip... BMX?!!!?!?!?!!

So Crazy!

Boda Boda NYC: Winter Scraps (Bike Shorts 15 Winner)

Winter Scraps (Bike Shorts 15 Winner) from BODABODANYC on Vimeo.

That looks so brutal. Radiskull hate snow.

Boda Boda NYC

Neighbors: Dylan Bigby (Full Length)

Neighbors: Dylan Bigby (Full Length) from Agency Charlie on Vimeo.

More on Dylan!

Throne of Bone

My good friends have put their full length Album up for Download.

I am really sad I missed them on their tour, and hope to catch them playing, next time I go to Seattle.

Until then, I will be doomed to ride earth, listening to Brutality that is the Throne, alone.

Download here!

Joe was in town!

I guess this how they lock up in SF... It was great having my other half of TOLA! in town.
We need to see more of each other. Joe is one of the best. He ate three emcees for dinner at
Sound.Wavs on Saturday. Just killed it on the mic. If you weren't there, you missed out.

Juan's Helmet light

Pretty cool idea. Gonna steal that.

Juan is throwing the Takeover ll, a race I won last year and is kind of a favorite of mine.
We have vistors from Germany coming, so we wanted to throw them a checkpoint race.
Roll the Dice, see where it leads you.

Race to Save Japan: Results!

What an amazing day. We all thought it was gonna pour on us, and then sun shined down on us.
65 racers came out, to race to two checkpoints. One at Angel's Point at the top of Elysain park,
then over the Griffith Park Observatory. The race was two big climbs then to the end at Fresh Pressed,
for awards and the bake sale/ screen printing event for the Red Cross. The Race end of the benefit,
raised $510 dollars, with a $100 check, and we auctioned off the overall Winners bag (thanks Hern)
for $110 bucks. Hern won overall (track bike), with neck to neck sprint against Jon B.
Just pulling it out ahead of Jon B., a very exciting end to the race. Tony Z got 3rd (1st road), and Mei
got 1st Girl! I think that was her third race! Good Job guys!

My Bareknuckle

Goddamn, that is sexy. My Maiden Voyage on the Reynolds. These will not be my every day wheels,
they are for the Track, but with all the rain we have been having, I haven't been able to take these for a spin.
So I rode them to work. I'm in love. So smooth, spin so fast, and look so, so sexy.

Rider Profile: John Gabriel (JTR)

The Man, The Myth, The Legend. Some might say he is the underground king of Los Angeles Cycling, and Master of his world of Sanctioned Races. I say he is my friend, and a pretty rad dude, who can handle a bicycle a whole lot better then most. I have the utmost respect for JTR, and he deserves it. I could to go in to many reasons why, but I think this small interview will provide a glimpse into that. He seems to set the bar everywhere he goes, and he just set the bar with these answers. Enjoy!

26 March, 2011

Race to Save Japan: Sponsor Highlight: O20

Just picked up the prize package from Orange20. Some pretty good swag in there. Come out and win stuff!
I hope to see everyone tomorrow and you guys race safe and hard! Remember it's for good cause, and every
little bit helps.

Here the deets on the race

If you can't make the race, come to the benefit after!

25 March, 2011

This weekend, I better see all of you.

Saturday night is Sound.wavs, click flyer for details, hope to see ya'll there.

Then on Sunday, Stryker LA and TOLA! are throwing a benefit race for Japan.
$5 bucks to race, all money going to the Red Cross, no excuses, be there.


The finish line for the race is at another benefit that we joined forces with.
No excuses, be there. There is bake sale, so feel free to bake away for it, or bring cash
to pick one of the many live printed on scene t-shirts, that with be up for sale.
You can also bring anything you think is needed over in Japan for donation here.
Everything helps. I better see you there.

Benefit Race

Benefit event

Look what I picked up.

This package pickup has quite a story behind it. It starts over three weeks ago with me winning a bid on ebay
for a set of Reynolds Recons. It ends with me riding from Fedex in K-town, to my house, with a Reynolds
Wheelset box strapped to my back (I love my Mission Workshop Vandal). It was a perfect ending to this story that seemed like it was gonna go horribly for me.

24 March, 2011

Redbull Ride & Style

What are the details on this? Can't locate links, I heard there's a list of racers?

I found this, but want to know more.

The event will be held on April 30th, 2011 in San Francisco, California in the iconic Justin Herman Plaza from 11am-4pm. We are inviting top riders from around the world to compete. The winner in each of the 2 categories will be awarded $1,000.
The two competition disciplines that make up Red Bull Ride + Style are:
For the fastest fixed gear racers, a course will pit two racers at a time against each other, with an elimination-style race to determine the fastest fixed gear racer.
For the freestyle riders, we will have a course of five unique obstacle features, and riders will be judged for their tricks and style by members of the fixed gear industry.
In addition to the fixed gear element of the event, we will be working with San Francisco's top street artists to add elements and imagery to the course."


I love my friends.

Tracko week

Great shots by my homeboy Omar, of the Tracko and the new Swrve Wax Riding Jacket.

Seems like Kyle has been all over the internet this week, and he also sponsoring a race, Juan (with our help) is throwing.

The Takeover ll

Burro Bags: Spring 2011

Our friends at Burro Bags have dropped the new line for 2011.

I'm really excited to see the "Lady of Griffith" Bag, they are making for LOG lll!

Check out their line here, be sure to read up on the changes they made to their bags, good stuff!

2morrows Victory - Greg B

Nice flow. Clean bikes.

Minute Mondays: Japan Relief Raffle

Minute Mondays: Japan Relief Raffle from iMiNUSD on Vimeo.

Simply awesome. Strong work. Shows what we can do, when we all get together.

Some friends need help to win

Support your supporters! Please help our friends win this contest, we have links set up for
you, to make life easy! Thanks. Two Rabbits are big cycling supporters and riders themselves,
who sponsor our races and throw events also. They deserve your support!

Deets from the Rabbits
Mike’s long board design has made it into the finals for Globe’s “Cruiser Contest”!!
But wait! We need your help! In order for us to win, we need YOU to go and like it on FaceBook. Whomever has the most likes by March 24th wins. Please help us win and we promise to love you forever. Don’t worry It’s really simple…



23 March, 2011

UCI Track Worlds Mens Team Pursuit

Team Pursuit is so sick to watch.

VeloImages has some great photos up on their FB page.

Isn't Woody over there?

I'm planning your week for you

Click on each flyer for detail of each event.

Friday you got to figure out for yourself.

Ines Brunn

An Inspiring Ride with Ines Brunn from Berta upe Tilmantaitė on Vimeo.

OG. Really cool edit. I had no idea she lived in China. Pretty cool, would love to visit her there.


That was fast.

Tuck for days

Seen this over at Prolly. Nasty getting compact over that bar.

Photos from the Pedal it Don't Push it 3 Trick Comp.

22 March, 2011


Jacob took a trip to DTLA, and the homeboys at LDG, have a great write-up on it.

Check it out here.

Save Japan Benefit Race/ Community Fundrasier

We are throwing a race this Sunday and teaming up with a Community Fundraiser at the finish line!
It's $5 bucks to race, all proceeds going to the Red Cross! If you don't want to race, we will be hosting
a group ride to the finish. There will be live Screen printing, Music, raffles, a bake sale (feel free to bake away
and bring to the event) with all proceeds benefiting the Red Cross! Come out and support. If you have larger items to
donate, I would suggest you bring them to the Fundraiser at the end.

FB event page for the Race

FB event page for the Fundraiser

Damned to ride the Earth

Ordering one now. Love it.


Lundberg Loses It

Lundberg Loses It from Kenny Luby on Vimeo.

Pretty good edit, delving into the mind of a Downhill Skater. Love that he uses a track bike to get around.

La Garibaldina

Alleycats in Italy! It's that time of year, get ready for all of those races coming up!

Outlier: Pivotal Bomber Jacket

This Jacket looks awesome. Perfect for spring nights, very stylish. We need a Outlier retailer in LA, badly.

Check out the deets on the Jacket here.

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: Knog

Our good friends at Knog, have sent in their Prize package for the Third year in a row!

Lights, hats and T-shirts! Good stuff for ya'll to win. Get your Legs ready!

Wolfpack Hustle. LA Marathon Crash Race ll: Mikey Wally

Mikey has some great photos up from the race. The B&W is sick. Thanks for the heads up!

Mikey Photos!

Here's a link to Mikey's Blog post about the race.

21 March, 2011

Retired Belts

VIMBY: Retired Belts from The WereHaus™ on Vimeo.

Strong Work!

CityGrounds Reopening Party/GoldSprints

CityGrounds Reopening Party/GoldSprints from Dave Jaranilla on Vimeo.

Watch Jack's hands at the final match...

So many friends, sad I missed this.

Go fast day!

Great shot, seen at Seabase's tumblr.

Spanish Track

Stryc from Pau Catlla on Vimeo.

Maybe I should be lifting, so I can go faster...


PEONFX x DEVISE - Faz Adhili from faz adhili on Vimeo.

Save the Tarck Bike! After this weekend, I just want to go faster.

Fixie Skid....

I found this old photo of one of our homies over at a certain bike shops FB page.... Care to guess, as to who it is?

Photo by Steven Nereo

Wolfpack Hustle. LA Marathon Crash Race ll: Results

JTR won overall and 1st road. That's alot of Street Cred right there.

Fabian got 2nd road.

Some trio of dudes from AZ won Fixed category, placing 1-3 in that category. Check out State Bike co for a great recap of the race.

Lynn got 1st fixed girl.

Krista? got 1st road.

Congrats to all that finished the race, that was so much fun. The ride back was enjoyable as well.
There's not too many times you do 50+miles before 7am. Felt great!

Thanks to the sponsors and of course, to Wolfpack Hustle.

*photo by JTR

**I'll update with edits and photos.

Lord of Griffith lll: Sponsor Package: Outlier

Outlier is back for round three. They sent along two of their Merino T-shirts, and a pair of their Summer Shorts.

Thanks Guys! Racers, get your legs ready!

Rider Profile: Fabian Vazquez

Fabian Vazquez, another one of those young beasts that LA is producing right now. I have watched this young man in the last year go from geeky on the bike to getting 2nd Road, 4th overall in the Wolfpack Crash race this past weekend. Then he went home napped, got up and raced in Sanctioned race. What did I do? Rode home and slept all day. Ya'll need to really watch out for all of these young guys, I'm talking about, they will be LA's cycling future. I expect big things from Fabian and his stable of bikes.

19 March, 2011


Chubby Boob will donate 30% of all sales until the end of March to support the Red Cross disaster relief efforts in Japan.

Shop here

You can also text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10 toward the
Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami relief.

We here at TOLA! are hosting a Benefit Checkpoint Race and a Group ride from the race start,
to another relief benefit next Sunday. It is really short notice but we want as many people to come as possible and give.
I will be updating here and the FB event page, AS SOON AS I GET ALL OF THE DETAILS.
Bare with, answers will be forth coming. Please help spread the word!

18 March, 2011

TOLA x First Impressions: Pant Guard

I just got the raddest email from my friend Hiroyuki in Japan. He had started to write me back in January
when I dropped the TOLA pins. We wrote back and forth for a bit. He told he works under his master at First Impressions,
and was learning to make soft goods for cycling. He told he was gonna make us something, out of respect for TOLA!
and this is what he did. TOLA pant guards, for Cycling. Pretty fucking cool. I can't wait till these arrive, and Joe and I will
rock these with respect, and give the other one out to some lucky reader. Thanks Hiro, much respect.

Zlog: Patches

Get some here.

Bridgestone XO-2

This arrived in the mail for me yesterday! My Dad's Bridgestone XO-2! He has blessed me with his old touring bike.
This bike has been ridden overseas twice on tours and in Alaska. I had fun setting it up last night,
and seeing what can be updated or what isn't of use to me. So I will be updating as the re-build progresses.
Thanks to pops I'm sitting on 26's!

Wolfpack Hustle. LA Marathon Crash Race ll

One of the biggest, if not the largest street race on the West Coast maybe both Coasts, is this weekend.
We got a total of 5 film crews, I know of at least three motorcycles/ scooters, and there will be a helicopter filming
as well. The studio where I work is coming out to shoot the race, and they are really bring an A game plan to capture the race,
so look your best!

FB event page

Registration is at 3am (meet then)

Rolling Start to the course at 4am

17 March, 2011

I spy a Bachez

While checking out Photos from Bold Sprints in Boston, I spied a homie! Bachez, LA misses you. Looks like you made friends!

Via Superb.

Photos by Eric Baumann.


Crihs alerted us to this yesterday, and I have been waiting for a photo of the bag. Crihs won Monster Track XII,
this past weekend, (congrats again!) and some fucker stole the 1st place bag. Bullshit, really big balls to do this.
So, if you got connections in NY, please help spread the word. Crihs is a homie and fucking awesome rider,
he really deserves to get this bag back.