05 January, 2010

Fish n Chips

learning to fish and chip from ryan wooley on Vimeo.

Bewm! I love this trick....

The Bicycle Kitchen Blogspot

Please go check the kitchen's blog, for all your D.I.Y bike needs...
As a big part of helping Los Angeles bike community grow in the last 7-8 years, the kitchen always needs our help.
How you might ask? By volunteering, by donating or by just supporting them!!! It's an amazing place, that's there for, us by us!

Bicycle Kitchen or BicycleKitchen.com

Sacramento Screenings of The Revival and London To Paris

If you're gonna be in Sac-town, be sure to go see these, after you compete in the trick-cat (i like that name hope it sticks)!

I do need to get something off my chest...
It seems every city in California has had a screening for both of these. Expect Los Angeles. Why is that? We were in contact briefly with the folks over at London to Paris, we had a race lined up before the showing. It fell through.(no fault here at TOLA!) I'm putting it out there, who do we here at TOLA! need to talk to get the both of these movies show in LA? We will get the job done. I really want these to come here, and I think LA has a large enough Bike community, to demand that these be shown here.

Commonwealth Peoples Choice 5 Panel

For the new year, Commonwealth introduces the Peoples Choice 5 Panel. “This classic cap features a natural twill Commonwealth label centered up front, and a woven “Anvil” logo flag on the back. Made in the USA and available in your choice of denim, red or green plaid.” Hit up Commonwealth DC, VA, or cmonwealth.com to purchase.


CONS Fall 2010 Preview - CVO

With a very familiar silhouette, Converse Skateboarding brings us the new CVO model. The shoe comes in black suede and with a one-piece toe, sports a simple look. Looking forward to see how these feel in the toe clips.

Hieroglyphics x Souls of Mischief x Adapt ‘93 Til’ T-Shirt

This goes out to my boy, Matt Lord. This guy got me into the hiero movement way back in the day, and I'll always thank him for it. Adapt and Hieroglyphics are putting this banger out next tuesday. You can get it... Hieroglyphics, adapt, and True.