18 March, 2011

TOLA x First Impressions: Pant Guard

I just got the raddest email from my friend Hiroyuki in Japan. He had started to write me back in January
when I dropped the TOLA pins. We wrote back and forth for a bit. He told he works under his master at First Impressions,
and was learning to make soft goods for cycling. He told he was gonna make us something, out of respect for TOLA!
and this is what he did. TOLA pant guards, for Cycling. Pretty fucking cool. I can't wait till these arrive, and Joe and I will
rock these with respect, and give the other one out to some lucky reader. Thanks Hiro, much respect.

Zlog: Patches

Get some here.

Bridgestone XO-2

This arrived in the mail for me yesterday! My Dad's Bridgestone XO-2! He has blessed me with his old touring bike.
This bike has been ridden overseas twice on tours and in Alaska. I had fun setting it up last night,
and seeing what can be updated or what isn't of use to me. So I will be updating as the re-build progresses.
Thanks to pops I'm sitting on 26's!

Wolfpack Hustle. LA Marathon Crash Race ll

One of the biggest, if not the largest street race on the West Coast maybe both Coasts, is this weekend.
We got a total of 5 film crews, I know of at least three motorcycles/ scooters, and there will be a helicopter filming
as well. The studio where I work is coming out to shoot the race, and they are really bring an A game plan to capture the race,
so look your best!

FB event page

Registration is at 3am (meet then)

Rolling Start to the course at 4am