29 October, 2010

Zombie Bike Thief

Strange, but funny.


You can win these tonight, if you're racing in SF. I have to wait til they go on sale. Sad.


Check Omar's Photos from SpookyCross while visiting Mash. Nice work my dude.

28 October, 2010

New shops in LA!!!

This is one shop, I've been meaning to go check the shop out, and do the first TOLA! shop check on the shop. Homeboy, I'm coming, my weekends are hectic, but I'm coming. A lot of the Eagle Rock riders, I know, swear by this shop. I'm stoked they have a home away from home like I do with O20. Keep up the good work.
4120 Verdugo Rd
Los Angeles, CA, 90065

A new shop is opening in DTLA, DowntownLA bicycles.
Opening SUNDAY NOV. 7th 12-3pm, Stoked, I'll be there to check it out and give you the scoop. Mark your Calendars.

Personal Velocity

Personal Velocity Teaser from Jon Vatne on Vimeo.


This looks rad.

Rampart Stickers and Water Bottles

Get them at the Rampart.

Tim, when are the shirts coming out?


Week four of SOUND.WAVS. We got talent coming from SF, ZeZo One will be in the spot, we got My Boy Antirawker, who is burning a hole through the LA Dubstep scene. Plus Myself, and our residents Teams, Mega Dangle and Tiger Stripe!!! Be there, it's the second to last Thursday show before we switch to Saturdays!!!

BFF SF. Go to Mission Workshop tonight if you want to volunteer for this. We'll be coming up from LA, so you guys better make this shit pop.
*Photo by Joe Le Bewm

Thirsty Thursday rides tonight! The best ride in LA, hands down. This was the first route slip from two weeks ago, Simon has told me he's got something good cooked up tonight....
Meet at Goldline Chinatown train station at 830pm, (the corner of Spring and College) roll out at 9pm.

Collect them all!

Come At Me Brah! The Video

Looks it was fun set of events for the movie. Thanks for the support Hawaii, I miss you.

Congo at Encino Velodrome?

Yup, the big homie came out to the Wednesday night Clinic. Congo really held his own, and a few more sessions and he'll be killin it. See you next week!

*non-driveside, he wanted to show the sticker...

27 October, 2010

La Bicicleta de los Muertos

This was in ARTCRANK San Francisco, I love it. There's limited amount left, so you better swoop.

Swoop here

I Love my Bike Book T-shirts

I hope you pre-ordered your book. Now you should pre-order the Shirt!

Get it from Print Brigade! Only 50 made.

Chain Gang?

I found your perfect matches.

Chain Gang Girls

Colt, I found you a saddle.

Please get this. Your own Brooks Saddle.

Colt, buy it here.


Death to fixies

Does anyone know what or where this shirt is or from. I want it. I hate the word fixie. I ride a track bike. I really need to get that Tattoo covered. Ha!

Spotted at Milano fixed

Cadence Bar Tape

I must have this bar tape.


Until this comes out you can get Cadence Water Bottles and other Goodies at O20... Get em while they last!


Saw this on Prolly, thought I would share. Pretty rad idea, and I love the D.I.Y. aspect of the whole thing. Making it yourself, then going on missions to steal some air! I want to build the Automatic bike pump. Fuck cars, give me air. Check out all the other rad projects on Instructables Pretty cool shit.

26 October, 2010

Dominik Raab

Watch out Danny...

So fun


Look what I found

Mick and Omar!!!


Mission Workshop

Velo City Bags

I saw that Velo City Bags were having a sale, and thought I would check what they had to offer. Damn that bag is freaking huge. I really like the design. Anyone have any experience with these bags? Let me know. Go Jump on the Sale too.

Velo City Bags

HellTrack 3

HELLTRACK3 from Alex BG on Vimeo.

Nice work Tom. It must feel so good to have something, you work on, go off every year.

Next year, is year three for Lord of Griffith, and I cant wait, til I feel that feeling.

25 October, 2010


SocalCross KROSSTOBERFEST 2010 Day 1 from mark colton on Vimeo.

Looks like so much fun.

Red Hook Crit Milano

Next year LA?

Friends and Family

Funny stuff, I was trying to figure out a way to present this awesome post Ace did over at Trafik on the Bicycle Kitchen. When I remebered that a couple of the people mentioned in the post are playing an awesome show at the Echoplex tomorrow night.

Here is Ace's awesome Post on the bici cocina. Thanks for this Ace, it means a lot to me. Big ups to the Kitchen, the unsung heroes of the Los Angeles bike world.

Murder Ballads with Triple Chicken Foot!!! The designers of my world. Thanks guys.

Does everyone in the Chain Gang have a mustache?

Looks like it.

Fall Classic Upgrade Races & Keirin Tournament at Encino by Beaver!

Rider Profile: Zach Kahl

Recently, I have been getting back in touch with Zach and Megan (Megan, where are your photo's and answers?). Two of my favorites, that moved to Chicago, to be in love and what ever else one does in Chicago. So I thought I would give them both a moment, and tell us what is up with Chi-Town and how they ride. (Megan, it's your turn) Read on after the jump!

22 October, 2010


GHOSTRIDERS from Bicycle Store on Vimeo.


This weekend

This is flyer is small, but the party will be huge. It's the first time the "tour de fat" will be Los Angeles! Super stoked.
Details Let's go have beer!

21 October, 2010


Tonight is gonna be awesome. We got a great art opening, to kick the night off. Ronin Gallery is one of my favorite spots, and I'm ready to see this show. Much excite.

Then, the afterparty for the show is at week three of SOUND.WAVS!!! I am so proud of this night. Since I moved here, one of my goals was to get my own DJ night, plus I have the added bonus of sharing/ and working it with my friends. I just want say thanks to the whole SOUND.WAVS crew, TEAMS, Mega Dangle, Ashish, Goodie, Coma, Pablo, without you, there would be no sound, most of all I wanna say thanks to the homies, the new cats, who been coming and making each week much bigger then last. Last week was nuts, and it was only week two. Without all of us coming together, non of this would be possible. Big thanks to the Hyperion Tavern, for taking a chance on us! See ya'll tonight!!!

Los Angeles, CA 90027
No cover

The LAB rats...

LA Brakeless Crew from ZLOG on Vimeo.

Great Edit. Zach, you need to visit us more. It was great having you here.


I don't need that MASH thingy...

I got a VAGX! Sounds dirty.

Vagx Urban Hip Bag

I have been needing a new hip bag for awhile. My super slick Martin hip Bag, bit the dust in a race ealier this year. I hit a parking sign squeezing through a tight spot, and it ripped in half, my cell phone got run over, lost a Ulock for a day. No, I'm not bitter about it. Anyways, Strkyer LA gave me a great deal on this: Vagx Urban Hip Bag. It's perfect, holds my stickers, notebook, pens, beer coozie and wallet right on my belt or inside my bag. Stoked. Thanks Kevin. These should be up for sale on the his site soon.

Ruben's All-City

We have been getting more of these sent to us as of late. Just photo's of people's bikes. While I love that, and want things like this sent to us, Please add more, tell where you are from, bike specs, what you used to shoot this with, links, things like that. You might not always make it on the blog, but at least it was a completed job.

Ruben Weaver, I like your bike, and it looks like fun, but tell me more!

Backflip on a Cross Bike.


Thanks Bill!

20 October, 2010

Murder of Couriers!!!

Perfect for a rainy day.

Chrome: Cobra

I got home yesterday, from my Tattoo appointment, and this was waiting for me at my door. Cobra! So stoked on it. It was perfect weather today, to try it out. It kept me warm, didn't get me wet, and dried so fast. Perfect for light rain or just cold days. I really wished I had this living Seattle. I have only ridden 10 miles in it but I'm in love. If you're looking for something these winter time months, I suggest you swoop. Thanks Chrome, I'm break this thing in for ya'll in a few weeks.

Smooth as Ice

Tyler Johnson for CULTUR from chris clappe on Vimeo.

What a cool cat.

Clean Bottle: Review

When I first got the Clean bottle, I didn't like it. It was hard to drink out of (plastic had no squeeze to it), I thought it was leaking, and I was so afraid of it ejecting from my bottle cage. It's the first bottle, that I had to break in. Now that it is, I love it. It's my go to bottle, when I want to put more then just water in it. Why? Because you can clean it, inside and out with ease. No more residue, from what ever liquids you put in it. So good. Makes it very versatile. As for the hardness of the plastic, I gave it a little bit, and now it's just fine. It never shot out of my bottle cage either. Check out my full pics from the original post.

VAGX Urban Rucksack

When I found out that Stryker LA had the Vagx Rucksack up for sale, I had to check one out. I called Kevin, and went down to his place, to see these for myself. Pretty Impressed. A great bag for those days, when you don't need to carry a bunch of shit. Super light weight, and great lines. Yet another Korean bag, with the side entry for easy access to the main compartment. I really love that feature. I just took some shots of Kevin rocking the bag. I was in a bit of hurry, running off to get Tattooed. When I get my hands on one, I'm gonna go hiking, and let you guys know what's up.

19 October, 2010


It's the next one. Super stoked that it is continuing on down the road.

If you are there, get your tickets here

This the timeline for the day!

The flyer wording is insprided by yours truly and a small incident at Circus Circus this year....

The Ride of Firdauz Haron

The Ride of Firdauz Haron from duraath on Vimeo.

Where is your helmet?


:Airhorn: New Shit! Tim Jieh, one of the producers of "To live and ride in LA", has gotten back to his baby. Rampart. Mine and Tim's Neighborhood. It has a history and deserves a brand/ line like this. A few of us were invited to take part in his look book, photo session this past weekend. Here's a sneak peak, of myself and Ace, rocking the main shirt. All the of other tees, and the other things that Tim is gonna be producing for this brand are gonna blow you away. Simple. solid, made for us by one of us. Cycling inspired. Proud of my dude, and my Hood.

Ace Boog, the male model.


Rampart FB

Chrome: The Boris Travel Pack

Rad, love how this bag looks. Nice and mellow. Lots of goodies coming out from Chrome, just in time for fall.

Ronin Gallery x SOUND.WAVS

Come out and see some an awesome opening at the Ronin Gallery, this Thursday.

Then Afterwards, the Official after party for the Opening is at SOUND.WAVS! We really need ya'll come through to this one. We need to show the city that underground nights like deserve to be heard. We have two more weeks at the Hyperion Tavern, before it gets decided if we stay or move some where else. The first week was the turnout was great, 2nd week if you weren't there, you missed out. I haven't seen that place packed in a while. I expect the 3rd week to blow the doors off that motherfucker. Come out, see some great art, then head just down the block to Hyperion Tavern for SOUND.WAVS. Bring your friends, buy some beer and listen to LA finest's bring you some killer cuts.

I'll bring you the line up and remind ya'll on Thursday.

Los Angeles, CA 90027
No cover

Craft: PXC thermal top

I had totally forgotten, I had talked to these guys at interbike. I got home yesterday, and bewm, a package! Inside was this awesome full sleeved winter Jersey/ Thermal. I had talked to them the because are the suppliers of the Swedish Cross Country Ski Team, and a Sweden Based company. Gotta support the mother land. Needless to say it was a great surprise, and perfect timing. It was pouring this morning. I Actually, wore this alone, and it was great. I was so cozy and warm, everything you would want in a Jersey/Thermal. Thanks my Swedish Brothers, you have a fan now.

18 October, 2010

Reload: Cats wearing T-shirts

While checking out pricing on custom bags, on various sites, (thinking about getting a custom TOLA! bag made) I came across this on the ReLoad site. CATS! I love these.


SVART KATT 2009 (The darkest Alleycat ever) from STAVFEL PRODUKTION on Vimeo.

I had forgot about this. Gotta say thanks to Zlog, for posting this. Freiburger, we gotta go do this. It's my blood. Lets raise hell. Zach, you want to join?

Juan has grown up

He got a road bike!
1987 Battaglin, Full Campy Athena Group. Sick looking in person, he got a great deal on it. Juan will be making Minor changes to bike, and I'm Stoked to see the final product. Great buy, my man. My turn is next.

Mellow Mondays on Trafik

Ace is starting a new weekly entry on Trafik's blog. Go check it out. Good shit, I love it.


Lil Wayne needs...

These are coming back. Our first stickers. Due to popular demand, we will be doing another run of these, plus some Tola! logo stickers. They will be for up sale, in the next week or two. In the mean time, while cleaning out my sticker box, I found a stack of the first run. Very limited quantities. To help off set our printing costs, we are selling them. Catch me in the street, I'll have for them on me for a buck a piece, or send a self-addressed envelope, with a dollar each to the address shown below. (classic selling style) Come and get your Tola! gear here!

Don't forget, we still got T-shirts, $15 bucks each.

225 N. Union #2
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Rider Profile: Colt Van Sky

This is the first of the Monday profiles. I wanted to Showcase the best of LA riders. Those unsung heroes of bike who I admire, and deserve a more then just a few moments in the sun. Some will be friends, some will be enemies, and some will be folks I see everyday riding, and I just want to know their story. First up, Colt! He is a really good friend of mine, and one the best dudes I know. Always down to ride, and has a huge smile on his face. It always makes me happy, to see him. I met Colt on Mellow Mondays, and grew to love the dude pretty fast. Solid rider, super fun to ride with, great skills. If you have never seen Colt bomb down a hill before, you are truly missing out, he kills hills, like no other. One of the best. Read on after the jump.

17 October, 2010

Charlie Murphy...

It could only happen to you...

15 October, 2010

Damn it.

We are just now printing t-shirts. This guy has New Era's and now Jerseys. We need to step the fuck up.

John, it's a great looking Jersey. Congrats! I really mean it. I love the shit you are coming out with.

I know purple is your brand/ logo , but maybe for round two just, black and white?
Think how sick that would look.

Check out the front and pre oder here.

19 Years of XL

Wow. XLarge has almost been around for 20 years. I have been rocking that shit for almost all of that time, give a few years, of course. Looks like I am, gonna go buy this hat, out out to honor the 19 year mark. Congrats, from your loyal fan.

Get it here.

Mission Workshops: The Rondel

Nice edit from the homies at Mission Workshop. Really shoes off the shoes. Good work.


I love this company. Why? Cause they have great products, I want. Stylish, and very cool looking on and off the bike. Out of Italy, Pistard brings a whole line of great looking gear, for the fashionista in all of us. This the "Giro" riding pant. I love Pink stiches, Killer. Would really bring out the pink of the Bareknuckle. Check out the deets after the jump.