07 February, 2011

Baby Nerd, get this!

47cm Rossin Track. So sick, so so sick. Baby Nerd, you should get this, and ride the shit out of it. It's at SuperB.

A Day At The Races

Great edit. Real cool.


This looks crazy! Yet fun.

More info at Inner City Bikes

Samson at ADT

Great Pic by Beaver of the Chain Gang homeboy, Samson Hatae.

ADT Winter Larva Classic 2011

Check more out here.

Good Luck Ace!

Yesterday was Ace's last day at O20, while I didn't make it to the party, (epic food coma after the feast we had at Juan's for the Super Bowl) I wanted to wish him Good Luck at the New Job, My Guy. Now you'll have more time to ride on weekends with me! Yay!

Photo by Omar.

Via the Sleepers