25 March, 2010



Tap With A Beat

This week is World Water Week. Did you know nearly 900 million people do not have access to clean water? Everyday 4,200 die of water related diseases. Just $1 can provide a child 40 days of clean drinking water or 40 children water in a single day.

Our good friend Miki Ishikawa is working with UNICEF for the 2nd year in producing Tap With A Beat. Please join us this Friday at this special benefit concert. We are sponsoring the event and will have prizes for attendees. See ya there!

From Chubby Boob

@Missionworkshop Vandal Bag Review

So I recently purchased my Mission Workshop "Vandal" bag, with the DELUXE waist belt, and not only am I satisfied, but I have a near death experience counteracted by the bag. Yes, thats right friends, this bag actually SAVED my life as well as helping me carry books, folders, and computer for my daily 32 miles of commuting.

So here's the deal, on my way back from school last thursday when an Inattentive young driver hit me and I was thrown off my bike. From this point, I am not exactly sure what happened, as I blacked out, but from the information given to me by the driver and the doctor at the ER what happened was something along these lines:

I was going east bound on santa monica, when a west bound driver decides to make a left turn, and not yield to oncoming traffic, long story short, I hit my head, cracking my LAS helmet in half and landing directly on my back. Not only was my back saved, and in fine condition for a 'fairly' high speed collision, but my computer, witch was in the biggest pocket of the bag, and all of the contents inside were completely unharmed.

This bag is totally awesome, aside from the huge amount of extra space, compacted in such a small bag, it looks and feels great while riding.

Very impressed with this bag and only have three suggestions for Mission Workshop to improve on.

1. there is no good spot for a u lock other that in the actual bag. i.e. an exterior u lock holder would be great.
2. if you are wearing a helmet with the bag, it is pretty difficult to lift your head up completely when in a low position (although this is to be expected with any roll top or large bag)
3. Weight. It is a bit heavy and if you can make it lighter without compromising the integrity that would be great!

- sincerely yours .crash_bandicoot.
Jon De Carlo

Homies getting up!!!

Some do-gooders in our city, have been making late night missions, all over LA putting these up. In english and in spanish...
Nice work homies, I love how far and wide you guys have gone. The tide is turning.....

Image from tracko


This reminds of growing up in Alaska, visiting Alaska, or having friends come down....
Everyone is in Carhartt. Which is an amazing outdoor/ workwear clothing brand. I rocked the shit out some Carhartt, growing up and want to get back into it. I would like to start with this hat, but the Carhartt Streetwear brand is only available in UK, EU or Japan... Sad. It's time for it to come back to the US. Oh Well..... I guess, I have just stick with the workwear brand, (which is far superior in my eyes.....)