17 May, 2010

Amgen Tour of California

It started yesterday in Sacramento, while most of country and world will be watching this on T.V. or online, we here in California can go see this action in person. Dope. I for one am very excited for Saturday's Time trial in DTLA. Some friends of mine can and will be taking opportunity's to go ride and meet the Tour in some of the mountain stages this week. I can't. Sad, and fuck those guys. Hahaha. Work must go on, but come Saturday, I will be amongst the thousands flocking to DTLA to cheer on the riders as they complete two 10.5 mile laps in our fair city. It's gonna be good. Here's a video of the course for the TT. Then after this get done, don't forget to come to this.

Find out all deets of the TOC, here.

-Sean Martin

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