16 April, 2010

Fundraising this weekend in LA!

The Takeover! This Saturday (April 17th) $5 dollar entry. It's a six checkpoint race, which checkpoints you go to, will be determined by the roll a die at each checkpoint... It's really about the luck of the draw and strength of street knowledge. The 5 dollar entry for this race is going to the Bicycle Kitchen. Who is celebrating their 5th year Anniversary on Helitrope and Melrose. (My home away from home and "bike District" of LA) You can learn more about their fundraising drive here.

Race Deets:
Orange20 130pm $5
Race starts at 2pm sharp. DON"T BE LATE, OR YOU WILL NOT RACE. (So Sez Juan)

Afterparty/ awards:
1642 Bar 430pm
1642 Temple St.
LA, CA 90026

Then on Sunday, (April 18th) is the fourth year of Burrito Project LA! So they're throwing a race and a fundraising afterparty DTLA!
I love Burrito Project, such a rad idea. Make food, deliver it to the homeless on bikes. Dope!!!

Echo Park Cycles, 12 noon
Bring a bag and some cash (think mini Cranksgiving)

Bar 107 DTLA 2pm

I took the pic off Tracko, cause I liked it, and I couldn't find a good image of the flyer...

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  1. I'll be playing a squaredance but I just wanted to say thanks a MILLION, brudda and I HEART the fellas of TOLA!!!

    race hard people and ride on!!!!