23 April, 2010

Big Wheel Cyclocross and Good Bye BBQ

This Sunday is gonna be epic. A BBQ, bike swapmeet, big wheel cyclocross, going away party, all wrapped up into one huge party.
I'm sad to say but a few of our friends are leaving, at the end of this month. Joe goes to SF, Megan and (?)Zach(?) are going to Chicago (congrats on getting your schoolin on, lady!) and I'm sad to see these guys leave. Life is too short, and I'm happy to have met you all. You three are all awesome in your own ways, and I'm a better person for having you in my life. I know this isn't goodbye, but I'll see ya'll later. (Joe, I'll be in SF all the time now, plus trips to Seattle, homie!) Thanks for being my friend, ride down that road and back again! You guys are pals and sometimes my confidant. LULZ. So, to the rest of you, COME SEND THESE GUYS OFF MOST EPICLY THIS SUNDAY!!!

Elysian Park 12pm
At the Crest of Stadium way (where LAfixed swapmeet/ bbq's have been in the past)
Bring food to share, there will be beer, but more is always better.

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