19 April, 2010

Skin Grows Back

A little over two months ago, I saw these bags, and other messenger-based products in Orange20. I had a chat about Skin grows Back with TJ. He told me hands down the best bag he has seen come into the shop lately. We talked about them and how rad the owners were and that it's an Australian based company. The conversation stayed with me for awhile, and my homie Juan wanted to throw a race. (which was this last Saturday, which I won, Joe should be doing a write up soonish...) So I hit up Catt and Jamie for sponsorship for Juan. They responded really fast and were very stoked to be apart of the race. They sent a top tube pad, wallet and their version of "hold fast straps" which look amazing.
(I'll be getting a review of them, from the kid who got those) This company is worth checking out, and I'm impressed by what I have seen so far. Thanks for the prizes guys, and keep up the good work!

Here's what the DX pedal straps look like.

I love their Mission statement....

Skin Grows Back was started in 2006. We thought there was a need for Australian made, reasonably priced, well built Bicycle Courier Bags and accessories.

Our aim is to provide products that make life on the road easier as well as being durable and functional. We use the best quality materials because we want
what we sell to last the duration and not end up as landfill.

We are a web based company to reduce overheads, we reuse packaging where possible. Some products are made from recycled materials. We like to
support ethical Australian manufacturers for the products that are not made by us. Being Australian made is not about flag waving for us.

We like to ride our bikes. Happy riding, Catt & Jamie

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