26 September, 2011

Cadence Truck: Pacifica Crossfest - @cadenceclothing

Yes, you read that right. There is a pop shop in that Cadence truck and it's coming to an event near you. Plus, it's run by our homie Ace Boogie. I had the pleasure of rolling out to Pacifica Crossfest with my Chubby Boob Teammates to watch them race cross this past Sunday (I get my cross bike real soon). Once there, we step up our spot under the extra DVS pop up tent, next to the truck. I think is this is a really awesome move on the part of Cadence. Ace was handing out stickers and water, making sales and really spreading the word of Cadence to a part of the cycling community that might not have ever heard of the brand.

Setting up shop.

While I could show you photos of all the cool kids who lurked on our spot, I would rather show the Cross dogs who hung tough all day with us. Judy and Esther, Greg's real cheerleaders.

Ace Cheering (heckling) on the friends that were racing.

I had to do my part and be the first sales of day. Cadence Establish Gloves and the 555 Trucker, for steeze. What an awesome day, and be on the look out for the Cadence Truck at a cycling event near you. We'll update you guys, when we know where it's headed next.


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