29 September, 2011

Livery Design Gruppe: Pursuit MK3

LDG dropped their Pursuit MK3 frame set. We got to see these up close at Interbike this year. Pretty impressive stuff coming out of LDG this year.

During the time we were developing our Pursuit MK2, we were also working on a variant of the frameset, now dubbed the Pursuit MK3. While the two frames are fairly similar, the primary differences are in the rear brake bridge and seat stay curvatures.

We've modeled the geometry after a dual 700C setup and removed the neck-breaking angles that traditional pursuit frames sport. The fork was designed to match this frameset, featuring intricate CNC details and embossed fork caps, to flow with the rest of the frame design.


We also wanna say congrats to our homie Jason Clary for getting picked up by LDG! A solid racer and a crazy guy, stoked for our dude. Now come down here and race!