14 February, 2011

Rider Profile: Cody Lewis

So, I run into this guy from time to time on Jefferson during my commute. He always has a huge smile on his face, chats me up about riding, and bikes. It's just nice to run into him, and have someone friendly on my commute. I love how stoked he is for bikes and wish him the best with his cycling adventures. Keep it up, dude and I'll see you on the road!

Cody Lewis

What do you ride?

Se Draft Lite. Front Wheel : Wheel. Rear Wheel : Velocity b43 laced to formula hub, Fizik Arionne Saddle, Miche Supertype Seatpost, Vuelta Crankset, Specialized bar wrap on some old drops, and the rest is a bunch of different stuff.

How long have you been riding/ what started you?

I started riding about a year and a half ago. I started riding because I hated taking the bus everywhere and fixed geared bikes seemed really cool so Ijumped at the chance. I had to get one!

Do you wear a helmet and why or why not?

I dont wear helmet. I should though, but I dont mainly because of comfort. Not so comfy with the afro sticking to different parts of the helmet or the fro getting in my eyes when i ride.

Favorite Shop? Why?

My favorite shop would be LA Brakeless! That's the shop I have always been going to! The guys there are really friendly and welcoming and they know their stuff when it comes to bikes! If you ever need anything swing by and holler at em!

Clip or clipless?

I ride with clips/straps but I really want to try clipless!

Ride with headphones/ music?

I usually always ride with music, takes my mind off worrying bout cars and other things and helps me enjoy wherever I'm going or if I'm just cruisin.

Sponsors or teams/ gangs/ clubs you are a part of?

Roadies+1, hahaha. Most of my friends ride road bikes so thats what we came up with. Oh, and MYL Crew!!

Fav. Race?

Haven't gotten around to racing yet but this summer I'm definitely looking forward to changing that! Lord of Griffith lll anybody?

Fav. place to ride or route(s) in LA?

Culver City, Downtown (tunnels!!), Venice and the beach, Silverlake, and Places with hills!

Fav. person(s) to ride with?

My friends Michael, Anthony, Eric, Alex and Zach! Those guys are always down for a ride and always make it tons of fun. And our cookie runs to Diddy Riese are always dope haha.
Dope Chill spot?

Everybody knows a slice of pizza and some lemonade at Venice is the business!

Why LA?

LA seriously has everything!! The beaches, the hills, tunnels, sunshine, and plenty of secrets you could only see on your bike, oh and beautiful women (laughs)

What do you do for work?

I work for a musician by the name of John West! We'll be up at 3rd promenade on the weekends playing some music while I sell some cd's and pass out flyers. We'll be up there every weekend for awhile so come out and listen to some music!

What else do you do/ projects/ hobbies?

I'm interning under my good friend Ben Ricciardi. He owns Times 10 Entertainment and I also run Distance Track at Culver High!

Dream Bike?

Ahhh the possibilities!! I would love a Godzilla Frame with Dura Ace components and a tri spoke for some extra swagg hahaha

Best/ worst about riding in LA?

It can be winter and still hit the beach with your bike in shorts and a shirt and not freeze your ass off (laughs) Worst thing would be the traffic.

Any LA secrets/ tips you want to give out?

Benito's Taco's over on Fairfax and Beverly is a great place to eat! Their chicken quesadillas make my day!

Shout outs?

Much love to Sean for doing a profile on me! Much love to Tayler, John, Chris, Ben, Mike, Sarah, Anthony, Michael, Nick, Rigzilla!!, Villalobos, Zach, Stautz (Uncle Matthew), Dario, Jazmin, Nester, Stefano, Carrie, Alex, Rio, Elmer, MITCHELL!!, Niichi, Cymone, Amaechi, Andrea, Bob, Jeff, Rob, Daisy, Paulie, Domo, Blake, 1Two Clothing, Andy, Frankie!!, J-Swagg, Mark, Tony, Fram, George, Beaver, and anyone else I might have forgotten sorry! Much love to everyone!

Last word?

Thanks again to Sean!! You do an amazing job with TOLA! It's great seeing you and catching up! Don't forget to check out John West music and Chris Lightfoot music as well! There great friends of mine and are great musicians! and HI MOM!!

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