24 November, 2009

Bluesix Ti Bolts!!

"I am running a set on my track bike and have been running the same bolts (3/8-16") on my bmx bike for eight months. The large head (22mm) fits perfect with the insurance tabs on forks and gives plenty of surface area to grab your frame ends tight. The broach is 6mm for convenience (hence the 6 in Bluesix) and helps reduce the amount of tools needed to work on your bike. Speaking of this, we are also working on similar bolts that fit most square taper cranks. They will be the same material and also feature a 6mm broach. With these bolts in your wheels and cranks you can remove that 8mm from your carry bag and work on your bike with less tools.

As with all Bluesix Bikes these will be under the same warranty offered on all of their components."

Blue Six Bikes Here
Written by KEN @ Zodiac Eng

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