28 June, 2010

Fast Forward: Guess who won.....

Wow. What a weekend... Greg, myself and the lil homie Roger, rode out to Encino early Saturday, to take the training class, just before the Fast Forward event. It was alot of fun, and got Greg ready for what was about to happen later that day. I must say this was a really well done event, big thanks to Encino for letting us have it there, huge thanks to Dustin (Cadence) and DVS for putting it on. Good Job homies! Big props to Jack for coming out and smashing on everyone.... I love that you're gonna be holding it down for LA in SF. Props to Woody for getting second, and big ups to everyone else who raced!! What an awesome day, I'm still recovering...

Thanks Dustin, the host with the most!

Ace had hard second round so Juan is lending some love, (Jack and Woody) but he held it down like a champ, and will get em next time! I proud of my doods, and expect big things from these homies this year.

Damn, Greg. What a beast this guy has become. Went on to get third after the unknown distance race. I think it was like 33 laps, or something crazy. Proud of you homie.

Losers bracket, they get props too.


Video via

Photos by me.

-Sean Martin

PS. I got a PBR kite to fly this summer....

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