10 June, 2010

Official Chrome Shoe review Part 2

Now it's my turn to add my Two cents on my pair of Chrome shoes I received. Which were the Midway. I had a small issue receiving my shoes, but Jackie over at Chrome went out of her way to make sure I got them. Thanks a lot, Jackie. Chrome has amazing customer service, hands down. Maybe it's the fact they're like us, and understand our language, ya dig?

My Review, is gonna be a little different then Joe's. These shoes inspired me to go Clipless, not because I didn't like riding in them. No, not at all, because they were the closest thing to being clipped in without being clipped in, and I thought it was time to make the move. (look out for that review next week) The first time I put the shoe on and walked around in them, I thought "damn these are fucking stiff" Then I hit the road on my Fixie whip. First thing is, the Midway's are really stiff, but fit in the cages really, really, well. I ran Star fucker plastic double cages, and Riders way double straps. Made me feel the sensation I would feel clipped in with my Sidi's later on. I rode these around for about 2 weeks, (before making the switch) commuting about 25 miles a day, M-F with more miles on the weekend and at night. They've held up really well. Didn't have any of the same issues, Joe did with the peeling of sidewalls. No issues with the laces either, the length or the metal aglets (piece at end of shoelace) didn't bother me at all, maybe because it's a Midtop, not a low top like the Kursk. I really love these shoes, best Midtop I have ridden in since my Vans Halfcabs, and these really blew the Halfcabs out of the water as a riding shoe. The best part is now that I run a clipless setup, these have become my office shoes, which look great as a casual sneaker, and are very comfy to walk around and chill in. I really must say, the Midway's were designed with us in mind. Great riding/ walking shoe. Go get a pair. The only thing is the are really stiff right off the bat, and you should get a size or a half size smaller then you normal do.

-Sean Martin

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