15 November, 2011

Kissena Velo Fund: Official Launch!

The Kissena Velo Fund is Live. I'm very proud to have friends like Jason for spear heading a project this big and Billy for his hard work bringing to us media types. It's a huge undertaking and I wish them the best of luck and that they have all support that we here at TOLA! we can give over the span of this project. You can own a part of this Velodrome and help future generations of Cyclists for years to come. Save the Track Bike and the Velodrome!

Details on the project.

New York City bicycle brand Affinity Cycles and its founder Jason Gallacher are proud to launch the formation of the Kissena Velo Fund, a non for profit community based effort to recreate the historical Kissena Velodrome and transform the current property into a multi use recerational educational center and a cycling museum.

The Kissena Velodrome is a legendary part of New York City’s cycling history, a history that is rich and stretches back to the late 1800’s including a velodrome in the original Madison Square Garden for which the Olympic event “The Madison” was named. Kissena was built in 1962 for the Olympic trials and over the years has hosted local and Olympic champions. Each season, events are held for all levels of racers, from beginner to elite level racing, men’s and women’s clinics and a junior program all with the interest in creating champions and and promoting cycling advocacy.

The Kissena Velodrome remodeled in 2004, has once again deteriorated and is in dire need of repair. In recent years, cycling in New York and across the country has exploded. Cycling has become a lifestyle for many not just a hobby or mode of transportation. It is time for Kissena, in true New York fashion, to once again be reinvented. The Kissena Velo Fund aims to live up to the esteemed past and vibrant present of the city’s bicycle culture.

The first steps in our mission have been to create the non proift organization, gain supporters to build the board of directors. In the upcoming year, the Kissena Velo Fund will be seeking a central hub and location for the New York City Cycling Center and Museum which will run in conjunction with the future home of the cycling center which will reside at the current Kissena Velodrome Park site in Queens New York.

In the second phase of our project will be the construction of a permanent indoor 250 meter world class velodrome transofrming the historical landmark property into the finest velodrome in the country.

There are currently only two tracks of this kind in the US, neither of which is on the East Coast. Giving local racers a chance to train and race year round has clear advantages.

To this end, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit composed of members of Kissena’s current infrastructure, bicycle industry veterans and NYC elected officials will work to generate funding through endowments and contributions to rebuild Kissena into a state-of-the art velodrome with National and International racing programs. This is a community-based effort to improve the state of our city’s track and to create a space that will become a celebration of bicycle culture.

In concert with the remodeling project, The New York City Cycling Center will be created including a cycling museum and other attractions with the possibility of indoor and outdoor cycling facilites including a criterium course, BMX track and recreational cycling trails in Kissena park. Through the support of community and businesses, Kissena will evolve into an international attraction for all cycling enthusiasts from recreational activites to Olympic level training and racing. The Kissena Velo Fund, Own It.

Plus a limited edition Kissena (only 25) is up for sale. All proceeds from the sale go to the Velo fund.

Details on the Track Bike:
This limited edition Affinity Kissena complete bicycle or frame set will be offered only on the Kissena Velo Fund and Affinity Cycles website, and all proceeds from the sale of this bicycle will go to the Kissena Velo Fund. Only 250 frames will be made, to celebrate the achievement of building a 250 meter Velodrome. Each frame will be uniquely numbered, and your donation will make you a patron of the Kissena Velo Fund and your name will be proudly engraved into memorial wall which honors those who contributed to the fund to help make this project possible. This limited edition frame set is $750.00 for the frame and fork, and the complete bicycle is $1,500.00.

Affinity Kissena Velo Fund gloss black with confetti sparkle
Affinity R/T crank set
Fyxation pro track handlebars, cloth tape and bar ends
Thomson Elite stem
FSA sealed bearing head set
Fyxation Pilot Saddle
H Plus Son Formation Face deep section rims, laced to Formula hubs
Fyxation Accela tires
KMC Kool Chain

Only 25 of these limited products are in stock so be the first to buy this limited edition frame set or complete bicycle. After the 25, we are opening a pre-order for the remaining run of frames so own a piece of history and help contribute to this great project. All contributions made towards the Kissena Velo Fund are tax deductible. For more info go to the Kissena Velo Fund website, or Affinity Cycles.

-Sean Martin

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