15 November, 2011

Chrome: Hey, Check Me Out! Video Contest

While I get my posts in order from the epic weekend we all just had in SF, I'm dropping this quickie that Chrome sent over. FGFS Video contest!
Go film, stunt, and tarck your way into some great prizes.

Well, kiddo, here's your chance. Submit a link to your best Fixed Freestyle footage up to 1 minute long for a chance to win a major prize package from Chrome! All submissions must be in by November 23rd. Chrome's own, Ed Wonka, will spend his Thanksgiving weekend reviewing the videos and announce a winner on Monday, November 28th. Prize packages for 1st-3rd places are as follows:

3rd Place:
1 Pair of Riverton Shoes
Krakow Backpack
Chrome T-shirt

2nd Place:
1 Pair of Riverton All-City Shoes
1 Pair of Soutside All-City Shoes
Borris Backpack
Anza Packable Windbreaker
Chrome T-shirt

1st Place:
Chrome Shoes For 1 Year (12 pair)
Yalta Rolltop Backpack
Cobra Zip Hoodie
Chrome & GRIME T-shirts

-Sean Martin

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