04 November, 2011

Chrome: Four Points T-shirt and FTC25 Giveaway

Chrome sent over some really awesome things yesterday. First up, The Four points T-shirts. A continuation of their Artist Series Tees, each shirt uses the artwork of one local artist to capture the feel of their hometown (LA, NYC, SF, Chicago) in this limited edition, exclusive only to Chrome collection. Matt Lingo shot the Los Angeles tee and it's a good one. I might have to cop at least one of these. Which one do you think I'm gonna get?

Details on the Tees:
Our Four Point City Tees are part of a tribute collection to four major cities, their respective communities of riders and the relationship we all share between bike and asphalt. Each city is represented through the eyes and lens of influential photographers from within the cycling community.

Swoop yours here and be sure to checkout the rest.

Next up Chrome x FTC25 is giving away some goods. Go to this link to sign up for a chance to win an FTC/WBASE Track Bike, FTC25 Yalta Rolltop Backpack, FTC skate deck, Chrome Footwear, and T-shirts from both brands. Goddamn that is some heat. Get on it.

In celebration of FTC's 25th Anniversary and the launch of the FTC25 Yalta Rolltop Backpack, FTC and Chrome have come together on this monumental giveaway.

I want it all!!!

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